Beat Buddy Manager produces no audio signal

I have not used my Beat Buddy for a few months because I normally do not use drums or percussion.
However, I have an upcoming gig that requires percussion and I am trying to create a new project. I am trying to pick which beats to use but no sound comes out of the computer speakers when using Beat Buddy manager. All of my other software audio works fine, Studio One, Finale, youtube, etc.
Any ideas on why Beat Buddy manager is not sending an audio signal?

If using Windows, open your Volume Mixer (right click speaker icon by clock and choose Open Volume Mixer). Make sure your BBM is not set to lowest volume there. Saw this in an older post and worth a look.

Recommend that instead of creating a new project, that you just add a folder to your existing project. You can put it at the top of your folders and call it something like Set List using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

You can go back to your original project in the BBM by using File - Open Project and in the navigation folder, select the previous project you were using.

When you create a new project in the BBM, you start with an empty new folder and probably no drum sets available or checked. Click on the Drum Sets tab to see if there are any drum sets and whether or not they’re checked. If the drum sets you want are not listed under the Drum Sets tab, you’ll have to import and activate them in the BBM.

Let us know how you sort it out.

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