Beat Buddy Manager Projects Best Practices

Hello, Folks
I am curious on how most people use BB Manager and what are the recommended “best practices?”
[]Do you modify your project from the BB and then save it to your computers in BB Workspace folder?
]Or do you modify your projects from your computers and export them to the BB?
[]Or do you synchronize your projects? This option is currently grayed-out for me
]Do you keep ALL the default folders on your BB or are people customizing to free up space and clear up clutter? There are many default folders that I just do not use. I have a several favorites and a few of my own.

I mostly edit songs in reaper then export it to the BBMANAGER, I synchronize totmy sf after every session. Usually because I’m excited to play whatever I just put on there. I have a lot of folders, but they are organized how I’d like them. Mostly either by band, if it’s a band I play a lot of songs by, or if they are resources made by other users or myself and if they are drums only or other instruments etc. Honestly, the best practices are what works for you!