Beat Buddy Manager Software

Got the BB Manager software installed, but when I got to open it, a box pops up saying invalid file location, and something along the lines of files or folders missing. So it won’t let me open what’s on the SD card. HELP!

I’ve got a similar problem

Similar problem here…

I put together a “Set List”, synced and then exported to SD Card. Playing with the pedal, I decided I needed to adjust some of the song BPM’s and switch out a few midi files in some songs. I made the revisions and now I can not Sync or export to the SD card. Dialog box mentions File/Folders and gives only one option, to “abort”.

I think it probably has something to do with the file path. I will trying to suss it out later today when I get a chance.

Even though these are similar issues, the cause may possibly be different in each of the three cases. Please email - with a short description of the issue, and include a screenshot if you can as well.

Also, make sure that you are using the latest version of the BeatBuddy Manager (1.5.01) and that your OS meets the minimum required specs (Windows Vista+, OS X 10.9+).

May or may not be related but … I had a similar invalid error (don’t recall now exactly) thinking it was caused by a damaged SD card since I take it out weekly to rework contents on my Mac. The backup card worked fine. I noticed the small lock slider on the card edge and theorized I may have partially engaged it at some point. I exercised the slider and it worked fine.

Sometimes for some reason Macs (even brand new ones) have this “read-only” bug when it comes to SD cards. Meaning, that your Mac will not allow you to make any changes in your SD card even if you unlock it with that little slider. In cases like these, the following solution works: