Beat Buddy manager synchronization question

Hey all. I downloaded the BB Manager and finally got around to building my set list today. I found an excellent step by step video on you tube and followed it to a T. At the very end he says to click on file and to click “Synchronize” so it saves my new set list in the foot pedal. When I do that, the “Synchronize” option is not highlighted. I have the BB plugged in, the SD card is inserted and it is connected to my PC with a USB cord. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

You’re doing nothing wrong. Synchronize is not always an available option. You’ll need to use Export to SD card. That will take several minutes to complete. After you do that, Synchronize should work for future saves until you quit BB Manager. Then, in your next session, you’ll again need to use the Export process for you first “synchronization.”


Thank you sir. That worked perfect!!