Beat buddy master tempo

Hello all,
I’ve been a bit busy of late with bands.
But it looks like I’ve just bought an Aeros looper & I have a question please regarding syncing with my BB & tempo maps.

If I were to create a master tempo track in Nuendo or Cubase (whatever) that speeds up or slows down, then export that as a midi file to the beatbuddy, will it play back the modified sped up/ down tempo… or will it just play back at the specified BPM please ?

If no one knows this answer I’ll have to try it…. But I’m away from my studio for a week or 2 & I’m curious please.


Are you asking if you can build a “blank” MIDI file template to be used in the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal for use with the Aeros? Or do you want to craft a MIDI song for the BB that has different tempos embedded in a single file?

If the former, I’m unsure of the answer. If the latter, yes you can use time-stretching to set different tempos within the same BB MIDI file (note, this refers to tempos but not time signatures). I think Phil_Flood has created a couple of tutorials for time-stretching using Logic Pro X—the same principles could be applied for use with other DAW (digital audio workstations).

Let us know what you learn and how you applied it to your situation.

Ahhh thank you.
The line “BB lacks a tempo change” answered my question.
Thank you.
I will persevere & explore this option, taa.