Beat Buddy midi command for stop

i am using midi commands for Playback, Outro, Pause/Unpause, Tempo etc. I need to be able send All Stop. Essentially the same as depressing the pedal three times.

Is there an midi command to do this?

Send a pause cc-111 followed by an outro cc-115 and everything should stop without actually playing the programmed outro

Terrific. Thank you. I’ll try that tonight

That doesn’t work the cc111 Pause followed by cc115 only stays on Pause

When I saw Sibling Chris’s suggestion, my first thought was that the commands should be reversed. FWIW I think we might get better midi control when the Singular midi pedal gets released, but that’s just a guess on my part.

Neither order works. Pause really locks up the buddy until the repeat to unpause. An all stop is only with the three hits on the pedal equivalent is what I’m looking for.

Thanks for response

I tried sending a Program Change which was different then the Beat in progress. This stops the BeatBuddy playing. A clumsy way of halting the song in progress, but works. I’d prefer a specific midi command.

Personally I just use the outro cc message but I guess that isn’t what you are looking for.

This was the pause and outro was suggested elsewhere on the forum when I had previously looked for it, but in the end I didn’t bother.

The MIDI manual says that the bb will respond to MIDI stop command, which is a system real-time message hex value FC, or binary 11111100. I just tried it from BandHelper app on iPad and it works perfectly

I think that’s right, David P mentioned there would be bb firmware update to coincide with the MIDI Maestro release. I’m intending on waiting for the firmware then getting a morningstar mc6 to go with it that will support 2 expression pedals, one which I can use for tempo and the other volume

MIDI Stop worked great thanks

The suggestion to use Pause then Outro works with the foot pedal buttons! The BeatBuddy does first pause then when the Outro button is pressed it does stop. Not MIDI but effective.