Beat buddy Midi controlling banks on HX stomp?


So I am envisioning building a pedal board. I was just wondering if the beat buddy itself can send midi information other than time signature to effect pedals. For instance, I would like selecting a song on the BB to open a specific bank on an HX stomp. If not could this work utilizing the midi maestro? was hoping to do with just the BB for now though wile saving money and preparing the wife. I have seen people doin all sorts of things with the maestro and BB but not and video’s showing this as a possibility.

hello … with the maestro you can do everything to find a bank on the hx, select a snapshat or change a parameter of your effect … I have never tried on the other hand to control other midi devices with the BB …

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The MM is a great way to go for this, but if you want the BB to manage it on its own, that requires some programming and outboard event processor, because the BB only sends music-related MIDI (STOP, START, PAUSE, NOTE-ON/OFF, and so on, not PCs or CCs).

Now, I use my BB to drive my DMX lighting system, so it absolutely can be done. You would need to edit the song MIDI, using the unused notes from the drum instrument for controlling events. Yoou would set them to send on another channel and program an event processor (I use the MIDI Solutions Event Processor) to translate this notes into PCs and CCs.

It is VERY involved, will cost some money, and will absolutely require time and a learning curve, and the limits you hit may require some compormises. But if I can do it, so can you.

My BB is running the lights in this video, as an example.


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Hey Joe, thanks for the response, and the Great information. That is definitely something I would want to try. awesome Video! pretty great how you have that worked out. I am ready to take my first leaps into midi (pretty good with computers and programing most music equipment) that seems like a great involved project! I will be getting a MM soon but saving for the Aeros first!


I’ve thinking on this more, do you know how many midi notes you can have in a BB kit is there a maximum?

128, but you can use velocity ranges to have a choice of actions triggered by a given note.

Thanks for jumping in when I dropped the ball, Phil!

@Zbryant, Phil brings up an interesting point I hadn’t considered when I did my programming: The processor I use can do different things based on the different velocities of the same note. I don’t happen to use it that way, but I could.