Beat buddy MIDI output of drums to DAW

Hi everyone, I would like to request a new feature. I have a Roland Interga 7. I would love the ability to hookup the beat buddy to my sound module and have the drum sound output come from my sound module. I would also like the ability to record the drum parts in my DAW in case I want to edit the MIDI drum beat. The include sounds are great. I just want to be able to manipulate the drum parts after I am done jamming or recording. If this is already possible, can someone post a link to where the information is?

BB Midi Settings are found in the document at the link above. Some have been changed slightly since this was released, but for the most part anything you need will be found in here.

I assume you know how to use your Integra 7 and how to get it into your DAW. If not, contact me via PM and we can go over some stuff. I do not have an Integra 7, but I do have an XV-5080.

To access the BB settings on the Pedal, press both the Drum Set and Tempo buttons at the same time. You can then scroll down to Main Pedal. Select it, and then scroll down to Midi Settings. Select that, and then select MIDI out. There you can configure the BB to communicate with the Integra.

You will need the BB breakout cable and a standard 5 pin midi cable to connect your BB to the Integra. Connect the breakout cable to the BB. Connect the 5 pin cable to the Midi out on the Breakout cable and the other end to the Midi in on your Integra.

Regarding settings, I suggest the following:

Set the OUTPUT TYPE to MIDI out
Set the CHANNEL to Channel 10, unless you have your drumkits on the Integra programmed to be on some other channel.
Review the SYNC settings and decide what works best for you. If you want the BB to send clock, select either Always On or While Playing. Start and Stop settings should be reviewed and you can determine how best to use those with your DAW. I use Logic Pro X and it does not play well with being a MIDI slave, so I just use Disable, and set the BB tempo to match the target tempo in the DAW. Then after I record, I Select All for the notes I recorded and move them to align with the grid in the DAW
NOTES setting should be set to Enable.
NEXT part should be disabled for use with a DAW
Time Signature will be dependent on your DAW. If you BB can be a master clock for your DAW, you can enable it. Otherwise, I would have it disabled.

Of course the BB will only play what is in its Midi parts. so it will be limited to the notes it has been programmed to send. If you want to trigger other parts of the drums kits in your Integra, you would need to edit the midi accordingly in your DAW.



Thanks for the info. I guess I didn’t read the manual fully.