Beat Buddy MIDI to AUM

Has anyone used the BB Sng file with drumkits plus Bass to trigger AUM with Bass App. This could provide Bass being added to regular Drum kits .

I have already too many drum kits


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Please enlighten us on AUM! What is this?

Probably means this product

See Also StreamByter. Both were recommended in a thread last night over on one of the Facebook groups.

The issue being discussed was how to filter out the drum midi notes if one wished to use BB as a master, playing drums, and then feeding the bass from a “with bass” song to an iPad app.

That was my comments on Facebook. I first put the idea and comments on Forum and saw the opportunity to add to my thoughts on the Facebook page as well.

I respect your wealth of knowledge and background with the BeatBuddy. I have been a set on both AUM and stream Byter. I thought your comments on the compatibility were very sightful.


AUM iOS app!

Yes a fundamental app for those who use iOS apps!

Hosting app for iOS. I envision using a bass app of choice which would respond to midi OUT from the BeatBuddy. The connectivity from the BeatBuddy I’m using is a midi device Bluetooth device. I use two PUC+ devices. One configured IN, the other OUT.

AUM will host both PUC+ devices.

AUM will display the midi devices and route MIDI to the Apps hosted on AUM.

AUM can limit filter the midi to the app based on range of noted. The notes could be isolated to the BB instrument out criteria, such as for SNG files which have bass notes accompanying the drums.

I still prefer the DrumKit sounds from the BeatBuddy, but there are amazing samplers available which can trigger sounds as well.

To advance the midi manipulation, StreamByter can be hosted in AUM and provide further midi transformations.

I have based this premise on my experience using the BB / iOS / midiKeyboard workflow I’m using live. The midi interface capabilities are amazing

Show us a tutorial ? It will be helpfull for the Beatbuddy community understand possibilities and combinations with iOS apps!

I get using the BB drums and using the BB as a Master device to control song selection and tempo. But, if we are going to use an app to play bass, and then probably keys, too, in order to get superior sounds, why use BB songs with the bass and keys encoded into the BB .sng? BB .sng files do not retain midi volume, pitch bend and really any midi data other than note on, note off, note length and velocity. If we are going for the superior sound obtainable without using the bass and keys encoded into a BB drum kit, then it would seem to me to be a better idea to have the entire song just written into a iOS DAW, and have the BB as an eternal drum module. Surely there has to be some way to call songs up - Songbook. OnSong, - and have the midi calls to load those songs into a DAW and just use the BB for the drums. I think we are over-complicating the flow when we try to use the reduced command set of the BB to control a bass or keys app when there are simpler, and in my view, more logical solutions available.

Thank you Phil
Interesting response, I simply raised a perspective to explore using the BB in a different way.

The value of the present midi messages of On/Off, length, and velocity do impact the results I’m exploring using the iOS platform.

The iOS apps Auria and Cubasis could be used to drive the BB for drums.

Presently I am using my MIDI keyboard, forScore and Songbook Chordpro with AUM/and StreamByter, as a midi selection and control of the BeatBuddy in a live non AC powered setup.

I have not used the additional instruments, Bass etc. in preference to adding/managing additional drumkits associated with the various custom Sng files.


I think OnSong, AUM + ibassist app working in tandem with beatbuddy would be possible. I was going to look at this then decided to buy the Aeros and create backing loops instead. Just need Aeros to be able to select a song via Midi.

Sounds interesting. I’m not familiar with the Aeros. I would enjoy hearing more about your workflow. With pic, video to demonstrate.

Also have a look at Camelot