Beat Buddy Mini Newbie.

I will be using the Beat Buddy Mini for the fist time this weekend. YES, I did get the auxiliary foot switch but that will be delivered next week. I already have room on my power supply chain and i have plenty of cords to hook it all up, From the videos, I see a lot of songs I play already can work with this pedal. I plan on a the regular Beat Buddy later. I needed this one NOW to get some songs recorded since working with a drummer is a lot easier to do that working with a click track. I just don’t have to pay this drummer and I do not have that much room in my studio for a drum set and a full band. The Beat Buddy and mini came highly recommended for use with my TASCAM DP-008 EX pocket studio. IF I do a mono mix I should get a good recording with the mini. Most of the bluesy and rockabilly tunes I play along with the hillbilly country music I play can be done with the mini just fine. I noticed most folks here are using the regular Beat Buddy. I think I am in for a lot of musical fun. I will get the regular Beat Buddy when finances allow.

Hi Ray. I’m waiting for my (regular)beat buddy to arrive and am also new to this. I also play mostly rockabilly and i’ve taken a shot in the dark with this, hoping that it will be possible to find rockabilly and fifties rock n roll beats for recording at home. The real sampled sounds appealed to me, as it just aint rockabilly with a regular drum machine! …Anyway, i’d be interested to know, how you get on and maybe even hear some finished results as you progress, if that’s at all possible? No problem if not, but I need all the help I can get as a technophobe! I hope it works out for you. Good luck and keep rockin’.

I no longer have this unit and I no longer record for now. Sorry.