Beat Buddy Mini w/ Digitech FS 300

Can anyone help my out?

I am trying to use my Beat Buddy Mini with my Digitech FS 300 but the switches don’t seem to work the same. switch 1 activates the crash, switch 2 does nothing and switch 3 also activates the crash. I was hoping to have switch 2 pause the device but it didn’t.

Do I need to go out buy the actual Beat Buddy footswitch

I don’t know how many mini users we get in here. And then, how many of those have an FS 300. It’s probably not a large universe. I have an FS 300, but only a BB Regular. So, main question are you using a stereo (TRS) cable from the BB to the pedal? If not, try that first. If so, I don’t know if the mini has a pedal detection and configuration process like the BB does, but I would guess not. If that’s the case, you might need the real BB extension pedal.

Thanks Phil. This was exactly the issue. i was using a TS cable instead of a TRS. works perfectly now.
FYI to anyone with a beatbuddy mini and and fs300. button 1 is an accent crash, button 2 is a pause, button 3 is a accented pause.