Beat buddy mini

Hi, I use a beat buddy mini with the second foot switch as live backing, I know that the second foot switch enables you to skip through the different tempo/genre settings but it is much quicker to adjust by hand in between songs , but 'tis means bending down to adjust, does anyone know if there is a way of having the main mini pedal at a higher level but still be able to add fills with my foot, this may mean another pedal as the beat buddy second foot switch doesn’t seem to add fills, sorry! Long winded question I know, can’t even extend the wiring from the switch on the main pedal as it’s hard wired to the pcb,
Any ideas anyone?

I use an idiophone table. That way I can reach over and hit the switch or turn the knob in mid beat.

I see no reason one couldn’t parallel the main footswitch to another footswitch jack or probably re-purpose one of the two external footswitches to this? I just got my “mini” today and will probably investigate this “mod” :slight_smile: . I believe that on the non-mini you can do this with a option setting?

I want the splash and pause button to be one button, while the other on the footpedal to function like the main one.
Any ideas on how to rewire the BB Mini to achieve this?

I have the same issue with the pedal which I recently purchased. I want the BBMini on my mic stand for ease of adjustment and the stop/start, fill and transition funcrions on the pedal on the floor.

I dpm’t even mind replacing the switch on the BBMini pedal and replaximg it with a jack socket. I would keep the pause fimctiom on the pedal but the cymbal function is of no value in my opinion. Anyone done this?

Dude. Give it a rest. You’ve posted 3 times about the same topic.

Yeah sorrry, I think I posted in two places by mistake. Does seem to be an issue though as I am not the only one posting.

OK. This is my last post on the subject of an external foot switch to control the main foot switch on the BB mini.
I have created a connection and added a jack socket to the box for the external, non-latching foot switch that is simple and easy to achieve. It retains the functionality of the built in foot switch by adding the jack socket in parallel.

If anyone wants the details of how to do it please e-mail me at

OK. I now have the the hack reviewed by Jay at Singular Sound (see comment at end of video) and have made a video of the process. No sound on the video though: