Beat Buddy -Noisey

I have owned my beat buddy pedal for about 8 months. All of sudden it got real loud … I usually run it on stage about 40% , now have to run it at around 10 % to get the same volume. Nothing else in the mix has changed. In addition to it getting loud , and more of a concern is that it it is putting out a lot of noise, a hiss
sound; white noise… Also makes a weird sound when turning the dials . Seems some component that isolates noise is not working . Anyone else experience this?

Might want to contact BB Support.

Does all this happen when connecting it to a different audio system as well, such as headphones, or your computer speakers? The first thing to always check are different cables and audio systems (can just be one check with one other system + pair of cables). Also, adjust the cables a bit, as the way they may be sitting on the audio ports can potentially cause that sometimes.

If it continues regardless, I would suggest to load the SD Card Backup files onto a new and unused SD card, just to make sure that it isn’t a defective SD card by chance.

Still continues? Send me an email at:

Yes I Have isolated it to the pedal. Noise when volume of pedal is all the way down and not playing as well as when pedal vol is up and playing. tried differant chords , speakers amp etc… It is the pedal…

Also , removed foot switch.

i too have noticed its become very noticeable almost to the point i may quit using it live :frowning:

I had/have this problem and I have cured it by making sure the ground potential is the same, I.e. plugging into the same power source. I know, that sounds stupid, but it cured my issues. You will find most of the noise problems are ground issues or faulty cables (connector, shield or cold solder joints). Good luck, this little pedal really does play well with most loopers.