Beat Buddy Not Working.

Can anyone advise me what to do with a Beat Buddy that does not work, when I put an SD Card into the unit NOTHING not even a screen light although there is a Green Light inside the unit that lights up when power is applied to the unit.
I have had other users tell me to try quite a few things but nothing is working, basically the Beat Buddy does nothing at all, I would have expected it to last a little longer than it has, and the Power Supply is showing 9 volts output so that can be ruled out. I have tried all the fix’s but once again nothing, where do I go from here, do I return it back to America at more expense or is there a supplier in England that can repair these units.
Any advice welcome…Dustbin sounds good. Cheers to all

Does the screen come on at all? Have you tried a different power supply?
If you have an available spare SD card, try loading the Beat buddy files onto it and rule out the card itself.

That is a strange statement if it has never worked - however if it has stopped working then there is hope.
Looking at your other posts they are all to do with the manager software and from what you are describing nothing works - let’s concentrate on the BeatBuddy.
What fixes have you tried? If you have an SD card reader, what is on the SD card? Could you just reiterate the exact situation with the screen as @echoraven has requested? Have been in contact with

Looks like the problem is standard - abruptly finished firmware update.
@floyddave, please check your PM (conversations) with recommendations on what to do.