Beat Buddy/Onsong scroll instruction

Hi. Can someone tell me how to start auto scroll in Onsong with the first tap on the BB start pedal? I’ve managed to sort out the beat/song selection with the info in this forum (so big thanks to everyone out there with their contributions on that) but I’m struggling with this one.

Do you have the total time for the song listed in the OnSong metadata settings (Duration:)? Did you press the down arrow in the lower right portion of the screen?

Also, the midi START command:

Hi. Yes, I’ve got the time listed, so I can control the song time/scroll with the arrow on the page of my iPad. What I’m looking to do is to start the auto-scroll function when I start the Beat Buddy. I’ve mastered the dark art of getting Onsong to control the BBuddy “song”, timing and BPM, but want the scroll to start as soon as I press the BBuddy foot-pedal. Is this possible?

Tony, I have not used that feature. I believe it can be done. I think it gets back to that midi start command, in that OnSong must “Hear” the start of the BB. This also means that the BB must be configure to send the start command on a channel that is received by OnSong.(See Main Pedal>Midi Settings>Midi Out> Start, and Channel on the BB) I use an iRig Blue Board to scroll and do it myself. But, it would seem that it has to be possible given the ability of OnSong to use its “Flow” feature. There are a couple of other OnSong users on here, so maybe someone else can chime in.

Cheers Phil. I’ m going to play around some more and see what I can do. I’ve got an iRig Blueboard and Blueturn so I’ll configure one of those in the meantime. Many thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. However, if anyone else can help that’d be great.
It’s the first time I’ve used this forum, and it’s great to get input from you.

Tony, you may have already tried this, but about 7:15 in this OnSong video, they talk about how to have the BB start the scroll on the iPad. I haven’t tried it, but hope it helps.

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I believe you’ve found it. Tony - this is it! The settings are in OnSong. The video has it!

Much thanks there, SweetWater Blue. I knew I saw it somewhere.

Brilliant!!! Watched this when I first got the BB, and got total information overload, so haven’t watched it recently. Thanks guys. Will give it a listen this weekend and hopefully get it sorted.
Thanks again.

…And here’s the result, if you’re interested. The video tutorial misses a vital piece of information (please note video makers). The instruction ONLY works for the start of the song IF YOU HAVE THE BEAT BUDDY “INTRO” ON. I could not get it to start any which way without the intro on. It can be either the “count in” or the full intro, but it would appear that it has to be turned on in the BB menu. This meant that during my efforts to get this feature to operate, with the BB Intro in my default position of “OFF” the auto scroll would never start until the song ended. However, thanks to you guys, and a couple of days tearing my hair out, I finally got the feature to work…so thanks again for your help.