Beat Buddy ordered!

After learning about the Beat Buddy from my guitar teacher, I wanted one so I ordered the big one and waiting for it to arrive. It should be better than boring metronome and great to jam with as my guitar playing skills advance to partner with my looper pedal. So these two the looper pedal to create back chord progression tracks and the drums will make practice more fun and let me jam solo until I improve enough to jam with other players or a band.

Quick question: I have a Peavey 6505 amp how would I hookup the Beat Buddy pedal and my EHX Nano 360 Looper pedal to all play well together?

Best money you’ve ever spent and ideally you’d have them going into seperate channels but if you dont have two channels guitar to BB ,BB to Looper ,Looper to amp I’d imagine

Best setup is thus. Guitar > looper > amp front input, and BB to effects return in the rear of the amp. Hopefully your amp does not require something in the effects send to activate the effects return. If. It does, and you have a 1/8 to 1/4 headphone adapter, plug that into the send.

Really, the BB should go into a Full Range, Flat Response system, like a powered PA speaker. But, if you go into the effects return, you are at least bypassing the 6505 preamp. In all likelihood, your speakers are tuned to the range of a guitar, so this is not an ideal setup.

Bottom line, after you get your BB, your next purchase should be a powered stage monitor with 1/4" inputs, or a powered PA speaker with 1/4" inch inputs,.

And, congrats on the 6505. I had nothing close to that when I was starting out.

Thanks yeah my Peavey 6505 amp has an effects send/return in the back so I will plug in the BB to that and I have my looper connected to the front of the amp with my guitar so hopefully that works well once I get it and set things up. I will get a PA setup in the future.

Yes, I love my 6505 amp with Orange 4x12 home setup it is very powerful and fortunately I don’t have many neighbors so playing is a joy.