Beat Buddy Power Supply Update

The BeatBuddy’s power socket is not the standard size for pedals. It also seems to be very particular about which plugs it likes.

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You are absolutely correct. When searching for a replacement power supply (which Singular SHOULD sell) I found that the socket size was not standard. Almost ended up hard wiring a power supply to the board before I found the “Truetone 1 Spot Adapter”. Power supplies should be sold by

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The MyVolts PSU works fine. A good fit.
I went for the option that gives you an on/off switch that I find handy.(straight input)
The angled input is the standard op

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Thanks for sharing your experience with the new PSU.

could you put a link to the supply. I went to the MyVolts site and was unable to locate it. On off switch would be nice. thanks.

Try the above if this does not work use the wording from the description.

It is available on and depending on your plug type…


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I just got one of the new cioks 4 ->

It powers both the BB and the Aeros with the included cables without issue.


I used several different 9V adapters from other gear - nor really paid any attention to the brand though some were Boss, and they all worked fine on the BB. I’ve since converted to batt power and no longer use adapters.

I do a lot of busking (street performing) so I need battery-powered gear. I made a small pedal board, approx 20" x 12" and mounted my BB, the BB external switch, my TC helicon vocal harmonizer, a 12V 4.5AH battery and a 9v converter. The TC requires 12v, the BB, 9v. The converter is smaller than a book of matches. The system will play for around 4 hours with the 4.5AH battery, which is normally sufficient. A 7AH battery will fit on the board but I haven’t needed that much capacity.

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I was wondering about the effect of more amps than recommended through the BB. Did some test yesterday with 9V adapter at different amps. When to much amps (i tested with 1,3 A) I had some background noise being generated by the BB. No idea how this happens but I am sticking with the provided 500mA to avoid this.

What a strange response not my experience aeros looper is amazing

Not sure what you’re talking about… I love my Aeros as well… The original post was about power supplies that will work… I use a Voodoo PP+2 power supply with a voodoo current doubler on 2 250 ports (5+6 I think) to get the necessary required MA for the Aeros or BB…
That line you quoted from me is part of a whole explanation of how I used a power supply other than the factory one…

they do powerbanks too

I had a similar problem and just had to keep trying different ones, finally found a Dunlop one that came with another pedal that worked well.

using Strymon Zuma

In a perfect world, any 9v 500+ma center-negative adapter will power the BB. But differences in the quality of an adapter’s internal components or its manufacturing process means you could end up with one that makes BB sound noisy. I don’t get too technical when buying one of these adapters. I mostly look at the reviews. If a lot of people think it works well and there aren’t too many bad reviews, I’ll consider it. Even if there are bad reviews, I’ll sort thru them just to make sure people aren’t dinging the product because their package arrived late or their packaged was damaged even though the adapter works fine. Also, as a general rule, I avoid the cheapest ones simply based on the principle that you get what you pay for.

Definitely a finicky socket. I mostly had problems when trying to fit an elbow (right angle) adaptor. One of five adaptors worked.

Cioks cables worked first time. I recommend the Cioks DC7. Small, light, lots of power on each socket at multiple voltages, and built solid.

Definitely keep the BB on it’s own isolated supply. It’s a noisy digital pedal … more so than most.


I’ve got a Voodoo Lab power supply, could you explain the current doubler bit? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Assuming you have the Voodoo Lab PP 2+, you use a current doubler converter cable from Voodoo Lab to provide enough power for a pedal that might require more than 250mA.

Thanks! yep got the PP2+, can plug in BB to a power strip but noticed others said it’s best to isolate the power. Running through a Bose and it seems quite sensitive when running direct. So good to know that’s an option.

You could also plug the BeatBuddy (BB) PSU into the convenience outlet on the back of your PP2+. Works peachy keen.