Beat Buddy Power Supply Update

Ok, this is an update to my quest to find a power supply for my Beat Buddy.

A short summary: I got a Beat Buddy from a friend. He couldn’t find the power supply. No big deal, I have a bunch laying around my studio. To my dismay none of them would stay connected. If you moved the pedal (or stepped on the switch) it would disconnect. I contacted Singular Sound to see about purchasing a replacement power supply only to be told that they do not sell power supplies for the Beat Buddy. ???

I ordered three different power supplies and none of them would stay connected. One of our fellow users, smoy, said that he used a One Spot power supply and it fit tight and stayed connected. So I ordered one and when I got it I plugged it in and yes, it stayed connected with no issue. So I grabbed my digital caliper and measured the plug on the power supplies that did not stay connected and then measured the One Spot. Here is what I found:

The supplies that wouldn’t work measured .214 for the diameter of the barrel. The One Spot measured .220. I also measured the length of the barrel. The ones that didn’t work were .432 inch long and the One Spot was .349 long.

.214 vs One Spot at .220 diameter
.432 vs One Spot at .349 length

I’d be interested in knowing what the dimensions on the original power supply are.
I don’t know why Singular doesn’t sell a replacement power supply for the Beat Buddy but for anyone else needing a power supply the One Spot does the trick.

Thanks again, smoy…


I measured it up a while back. The measurements are in millimeters.

Adapter barrel dimensions…

[I contacted Singular Sound to see about purchasing a replacement power supply only to be told that they do not sell power supplies for the Beat Buddy. ??? [/quote]

One would think that if SS will not sell a power adaptor separately that they should at the very least use a universal type.
Do not get the logic in the policy either after all they sell the breakout cable hitch is a small price item.

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I find it interesting that the BB manual does not clearly specify a a ‘DC’ (VDC) adapter versus one with an ‘AC’ (VAC) output. I do have a couple 9V adapters for Alesis gear that are AC output and I’ve clearly labeled those so as to not have a mistake. The BB manual does state ‘Center Negative’ which implies DC, but that relies on the user comprehending the meaning (not all musicians are electrical wizards :slight_smile: )

The BeatBuddy uses a 9V 500mA center-negative power supply. If you use a power supply of more than 9V or plug it directly into AC power you will destroy your BeatBuddy, and your warranty will NOT be valid! This would be painful for everyone - especially your BeatBuddy. Do not do this!
The power supply must have a minimum of 300mA (0.3 Amps) for the BeatBuddy to turn on. More amps won’t harm your BeatBuddy. If you use a center-positive adapter, it won’t harm your BeatBuddy either, but your BeatBuddy won’t turn on."

A properly and clearly specced adapter and Digitech does recommend using one from them.

I use the 5 & 6 port on my Voodoo PP2 power supply combined with a current doubler (green plug) which gives the BB the power it needs (500ma)
I have the same setup on my other PP2 which has worked so far for the Aeros as well…
The only weird thing is with the BB you have to be careful to not directly bump the plug or it may turn off then back on…

I have not experienced this with my beatbuddy and I have used boss and digitech power supplies . I am guessing that the contact to the barrel is loose and maybe fixed by bending it a little closer to the inside pin… just a thought

Hey fxjunky,

Not a loose contact issue. That was one of my first thoughts. It is the size of the barrel. According to MarkF48 the original barrel size is 5.5mm. By my measurements all the new ones I ordered and the ones I had laying about were .214 inch/5.4356mm. round that up to 5.44mm. The One Spot that fits tightly measures .220 in/5.588mm rounded up to 5.59mm.


Wow. I am having less and less respect for this company as I learn more about it…shoddy updates, product delays, marginal support, and now a new low in customer support regarding lack of replacement power supplies or assistance in securing something so critical to the use of their product. But they can sure send out some goofy emails. Can’t recommend them to my friends for sure. Thanks for the update.


That’a a bummer. Surprising support just didn’t recommend a Truetone 1Spot. That’s what some other companies do (and some don’t even include a power supply with their pedals).

AFAIK, the shoddy updates are on an early release product, Aeros, where most people saw this coming. Clearly there’s a gap in expectations. The delayed midi maestro is a whole other ball game (and I don’t know the details on it).

Clearly growing pains for a company that had amazing success with its first product launched via kickstarter. Glad SS is pushing the envelope on the product side. I’m a glass half full sort of guy and expect these “operational” issues to get worked out.

Regarding shabby updates, I’m referring to Beatbuddy. Updates I have installed have caused serious operating problems rendering it unusable. Finally had to go back to much earlier version for machine to work. Also saw posts from other users with same or similar problem. That product has been around long enough that they shouldn’t be sending out questionable updates. I like BB but have little confidence in SS at this point.

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That’s a drag…

Given the fantastic service and support they’ve given me and others, I am having a very hard time understanding how they could have treated you as anything less than a valued customer. Can you tell us what has you feeling so put off?


I think my comments and details are pretty clear. Glad you’ve had good luck.

Why not buy a set of Power Supply adaptors like these on eBay ?

They’re not, though. “Support sucks” and “the Updates suck” don’t really tell us what was going on. I’m not an early adopter of updates, and support has been fantastic. So I’m curious: What went wrong?

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I play in a 4 piece classic rock band plous do the duo thing. I learned a long time ago that the one spot is my go to power supply. Love the long cable too.


I have noted in detail my experiences in earlier posts. You obviously haven’t read them. They are there for anyone to read. You get no more responses from me.

Given you haven’t posted in six months, it wll be difficult for me to find your previous posts. It seems to me a good way to bolster your argument to maybe reference a couple of posts that support it. They’re your posts, they’d be easy for you to find. But not so much for the rest of us.

So, if you’d be so kind, maybe a couple of links? Otherwise, this looks a bit like trolling.

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Know what? I did the legwork and scanned your posts:

  • Problem with a discount coupon two years ago. Turned out to be operator error.
  • Wish list item (stop from pause) that may or may not have been a bug.
  • Legitimate problem with 3.2 update – responded to and resolved the same day by the moderator
  • Holding off on updating to 3.6
  • And then this thread.

So, nothing to justify “Support sucks, the company sucks, the updates suck.” I did my part, so now it’s your turn: Prove you’re not a troll.


I admire the passion, but this is going downhill fast.