BeatBuddy Current Draw & Connector Size

This post was to be in response to another member who was having an issue with a power adapter. The poster withdrew his post before I got to respond, but perhaps the information I put together may be of use to others. Hopefully he got his problem worked out.
(This is pretty much a copy&paste from my response and without seeing the original problem may be a bit cryptic.)

A bit curious about your problem so I measured up the barrel connector on my BB power adapter using dial calipers for the OD and drill bits to gauge the center pin ID. The BB power adapter barrel is 5.5mm OD x 2.1mm (approx) ID, which appears to be standard for most guitar pedals. The pin connection in the barrel is of a springy metal which grasps the pin well for a positive connection. I had found previously that the barrel of the BB adapter does need to be seated fully into the jack to ensure a good connection, otherwise it’s prone to power drops or not working. I do have a Zoom MultiStomp pedal (MS70CDR) and it does take this same standard sized barrel.
Going a step further I made up a test jig to measure the current draw of the BB and the Zoom pedal.
The no load voltage of the BB adapter is 9.1vdc, so it’s well regulated. I didn’t think to measure the voltage under load, but being rated at 500ma should stay close to 9vdc.
BB pedal drew about 230ma momentarily during initial boot and dropped back to about 200ma after a few seconds. Seemed to stay at 200ma when the pedal was playing a pattern.
Zoom pedal drew about 125ma until the screen dimmed for power save and then was 115ma.

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