Beat Buddy Premium Library Overwritten- HELP!

Welp I think I messed up bad…. Bought a premium library card for my BB (not direct bc i bought it from Reverb, but the actual authentic Premium Card)… loaded it in, checked it, messed around with a few beats and everything was legit… went to load the project into my BBM and I’m guessing I overwrote the card with my old project… how screwed am I? Can I get the premium library restored somehow?!

You can contact but other users in a similar situation had no luck. What you might have going for you is that you have the original Premium Library SD card.

You might have a better outcome by contacting the original seller and they might be able to log back into their Singular Sound account and download it and provide it to you.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Sometimes it sucks to be a human. Don’t I know! Good luck getting it back.