Beat Buddy Premium Library Updates

With every Premium Library update for a couple of years now i seem to have a very difficult time finding the associated up to date complete pdf listing of the library contents. I have no problem in logging in to my account and downloading the latest Premium Library package. But on that same page for my account, the complete list pdf is still the one from Oct. 2018. Could this possibly be kept updated along with the Library itself? In the past I have sometimes been able to scrounge around all of the other Singular related sites…

(Could there please, please, PLEASE be all the product support integrated in just one place??)

…and find the latest listing file somewhere. But that has been inconsistent also. I do love these products and I own all of them. But the internet interface to all this stuff is very confusing. Am I the only troubled by this? Frustrated. Thank you!

P.S. Better yet, couldn’t that listing pdf just be included in the Library package itself? There’s certainly plenty of room and I can’t imagine that it would hurt anything to be on the SD card anyway, right?

Go to this page for the current list

Ah yes, thank you! Is there any reason why this file can’t be posted where I actually download my Library updates from? Thanks!

That’s something Singular Sound will have to answer @AnthonySostre

I will add this to the downloadable files today.