Beat Buddy re-boot

I have to re-start S-Gear every time I put my computer to sleep in order for the S-Gear amps and effects to work. Is there a way around this?

Another user replied to your earlier post here: I have to reboot program every time so please don’t post the same subject or topic twice.

Later on this evening. I will delete this thread.

Another user replied, but it was in the wrong category.

How am I supposed to figure out this program if I can’t ask questions for help?

Maybe you could offer an answer instead of deleting my question.

We’d like to help you but your question specifically mentions S-Gear and although you refer to the BeatBuddy rebooting in the thread title, you have managed to confuse at least me (and perhaps other users as well). Maybe this is the reason no one has answered yet.

The more effort you put into defining your symptoms in your post, the more likely you will get a prompt and courteous reply from one of the many helpful forum users.

Is there perhaps something with the way you phrased your question that we’re not understanding? By S-Gear do you mean Singular Sound (SS) gear?

Getting back to what I requested earlier, please don’t post the same topic twice. I removed your earlier post.

BTW, you can edit your categories if you entered the wrong one. Click on the pencil to the right of your topic title; change the category in the dropbox beneath your topic title and then click the blue checkmark.

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My sincere apologies. I was confusing the help forum for this site with the one for Scuffman Amps, who make a plugin called S-Gear. I recently installed both and have been having some issues, obviously. :crazy_face: Again, my apologies.

Not a problem. Hope you get it all sorted out.