Beat Buddy reboots when scrolling through songs

Hey, I couldn’t find this specific reboot issue in the forums so I thought I’d send it to you.

When I am scrolling through the songs with the foot pedal, the BB will reboot. It’s not always the same song, and if I slow down… kind of way down… it seems to be ok. Even when I’m not slowed down, I don’t think I’m going too fast for it to respond.

If this is an issue, please take a look. I really don’t want my cards to be corrupted.


Which version of the firmware are you using and are you scrolling using the dials on the pedal or are you using the remote foot switch buttons to advance through the songs in a folder?

If you aren’t using firmware 1.8.5, you might want to try it and see if it resolves your issue.

Mine does the same thing. I have all of the most current firmware etc.It resolves itself quickly and I don’t lose any data or place in my list.I recently bought a larger capacity and faster SD card. Haven’t tried it yet. I’ll let you know how it works.

I have version 1.8.5. I actually noticed the first time on the version before. I thought it would get resolved in the latest version. I am using the footswitch when this happens. As Jim Jacobson mentioned, it resolves itself quickly and no data is lost, but it is concerning when it happens. There was one time when I had to pull the card and put it back in, but that happened only once. Thanks for the response.

Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. Would you mind taking a moment to report the bug using the smiley face tab on the left of the page? Click on Feedback, then + Give Feedback, then click on Report a Bug. Just copy and paste your observation so the developers can more easily track it?

Jim, if you wouldn’t mind doing the same thing as well.

Submitted as requested… thanks!

Hey guys, don’t know where you have this in your list, but the last couple of times this happened, when the song came back up, some midi-codes/instruments were not firing. If I stop the song, then restart it, it seems to be ok. Just thought I’d add this to the conversation.

Sometimes that happens if you try to start the song before the drum kit fully loads.

Just a “shot in the dark” troubleshooting question - do you guys use Mac OS X?

I ask because Mac files include extra information that can’t be stored on a standard FAT32 filesystem like the one used by the BeatBuddy’s SD card. Sometimes when using a regular FAT32 SD card on a Mac, copying a file like for example “filename.ext” will create a hidden second file called “._filename.ext” - and it also tends to create hidden files like “.DS_Store” and others.

It’s a long shot, but it may be possible that those files are getting created in some circumstances and confusing the BeatBuddy.

Sorry… I never saw that last post come in… I don’t have a MAC. I do have an update. I’m confident that the issue is with my footswitch TSR connection jack. I started noticing that it would switch songs on me randomly, then realized that it would happen when I bumped it (not hit the button, just bumped the casing). Tonight I opened it up and found the nut was a little loose, although still tight, and the jack itself wiggles when I test it. This is still true after tightening it. I put it back together and found that I could switch songs by rotating the wire in the jack, and jiggling it slightly. It either has a short, or a loose connection in the jack casing causing the change when the contact gets lost then reconnects. Thoughts?

Hi all. Persist, this is basically the same problem I was talking about that I described as the window going blank when advancing thru the songs using the 2 button pedal. Suggestions were made to re-format the SD card. So now I see others are having the same thing occurring. I have all up to date firmware & BBM. Please post what is the problem & how to fix. Thanks!

Thanks for providing additional details. It seems that you have both done everything to troubleshoot your remote foot switch issue. If these are BeatBuddy remotes, they are probably still covered by warranty. Contact and ask about how to get them replaced. If these are not BeatBuddy remotes, and if you feel comfortable with a soldering iron, you can replace the female stereo jack. @BeatBuddy Support

Thought I’d chime in as I too have had the pedal reboot while scrolling through songs with external foot pedal. Didn’t happen until I dumped a bunch of new songs onto the SD card, so my thought is maybe there is a particular song file that’s causing it.

Hi all, since I have the same issue and some time has passed since this post was created, I wonder if you had the footswitch replaced and if this solved the issue, so that I can go the same way… thanks for your feedback

I have not, but it still happens when I click too fast. I improved the problem by tightening up my cable inputs, but it does still happen. I probably should replace it, assuming they will still honor it.

thanks mozobuddy, what about the others, any other experience?

The same thing happens to me when I click to fast. I have a custom made footswitch. I am using latching switches

persist any official solution from the house? Changing cable? Having footswitch replaced?.. else?

Marcello, here’s some things to test:

  • try a different TRS patch cable
  • reload firmware and run foot switch detector; configure settings
  • make sure the jack nuts are tight on both the BB and remote foot switch
  • make sure the switch nuts are tight on the remote foot switch
  • take a look inside the remote foot switch and make sure that all the wires are connected (no looseness and no breaks); while still open, insert the patch cable and check that it’s making firm contact-- jiggle the cable to see that it remains firmly seated;
  • test song and folder changes again

If it’s still rebooting, let me know via conversation and we’ll take one other final step before asking Support.