Beat Buddy receiving midi commands

Is the beat buddy able to receive midi commands from say, a midi foot controller? For example, start, stop, cymbal hit, etc.? If so, how do you set the midi channel on the beat buddy, and what are the PC or CC numbers for these commands? I don’t see them listed on the manual.


Not in the current firmware version, but such functionality is being discussed for later releases.

So, when is the “next” firmware coming?

I’ve already beta-tested this next firmware and it is in a pretty good shape right now.
I know David demands the highest quality possible, so as soon as his demands are met, we will see the new firmware release.

When its only discussed for later releases, it wont come with the next update…:(. Am I right?

Most likely MIDI functionality will come in one of the next major updates. Right now the focus is on minor fixes and usability improvements.

Hi All,
It would be very handy to connect the BB with an external midi controller and add functions assigns. I am missing a thrid button in my switch (while stopped). I now have tap tempo and song up, I would love to have song down as well.