Beat Buddy self triggers (help needed)

I never ever had any replay from beat buddy official support so I don’t know where else to ask for help.
In my test setup I have beat buddy connected to my sequencer which sends note and sync data to beatbudy.
Although beat buddy is designed to support incoming clock and note, what even seems working - it arbitrary self triggers unexpectedly in no particular pattern.

Is this bug or there is some hidden configuration setting in beat buddy to prevent it from self triggering in this scenario?

Can you please provide some more info detailing exactly what it is doing.
I noticed something similar when playing the the samples directly from my keyboard or drums where it would just start. My solution was to switch off one of the options in the midi menu on the Beatbuddy itself - I think it was "midi start’

Thanks for replay!
I’ll check this ‘midi start’ thing later.

About the problem - it really happens unpredictably. My set-up is: midi controller -> sequencer -> midi hub -> BeatBuddy. On iConnect midi hub in route to BeatBuddy I filter out all the midi messages, but note and real-time. All midi data are sent on midi channel 1. Sequencer sends out real-time midi clock all the time, even if it is not playing. And I didn’t notice BeatBuddy triggering with sequencer stopped - so midi clock alone unlikely triggers it. BeatBuddy is triggering when it receives midi notes (regardless midi clock) - and I think it most likely happens if there are more notes (what perhaps makes some instability in midi data stream), however it triggered when I just played single midi note through sequencer (not lot of data) and yesterday I played about an hour and it didn’t happen at all - so there is no particular pattern how this happens, but most likely when there are lot of data… maybe some midi buffer owerflow.