Beat Buddy shutting off randomly

Haven’t had this more than a month or so, and it just shuts off randomly, anyone ever had any problems like this? Obviously can’t gig with it in this condition

Hi Brian. I Get a similar sort of thing. My beatbuddy will turn off if I happen to bump or move the power supply plug in the unit. I normally use a battery pack and unplug one battery and plug it back in again with out touching the plug into the beat buddy it comes on again or if I unplug and plug back in again. My Beatbuddy also switches off whenever I plugin or unplug the usb chord. I’ve got no Idea why this happens but I don’t have it turn off when playing normally.

This sounds like a malfunctioning unit. My unit is rock solid when touched, moved or when stepping on the main switch. I would contact support.

The factory power cord has a special tip that “clamps” the pin in the BB. When I starting using an alternate power supply, I had to surgically implant the factory power connector. I’ve also velcroed the BB and the power lead to my board so nothing moves.

I have had my BB for two days. While connecting to the computer the Pedal turned itself off which meant I lost all the data on the pedal. I had to reinstall everything from backup. The new song I was downloading has a title that floats across the screen on the pedal 3 times before stabilising. Given the money I paid I was disappointed. I’d guess that the power source lead is faulty.

More than likely, the power lead is fine. However, if you jostle the unit enough while it’s powered on, it does have a tendency to reset. Nothing wrong per say with the unit.

I’ve seen this before. If the USB ports on your computer don’t supply enough current (500ma), trying to power the BB won’t work and the unit will shut off. Powering off the unit won’t cause data loss. If that were case, nobody could ever turn their BB off. As an alternative, instead of connecting the BB directly, put the SD card into a reader and work that way. AND, before you do anything, make a backup of the card in case something goes wrong down the road.

To which device are you downloading the song, your computer or your BB? Long song titles will scroll on the BB so that you can read the whole title on the small screen. This usually happens while the drum kit is loading, which takes less than 10 seconds in most cases. If you don’t change kits, you don’t have to wait, but the song title will still scroll.

Thanks Scud. Your right, the song has a long title and it is just scrolling while the song loads. I was syncing the SD card (that was in the BB pedal) to the BB manager (PC) when the power lead switched the Pedal off (and corrupted the SD card). I copied all the backup files onto the SD car (overriding the existing files). The SD card seems to be fine now. In future I will take the SD card out of the pedal when syncing to the PC. The backup files included the new songs I had done so I presume the BB manager automatically backs up new songs (???)

I am not sure I get what was said correctly, but the synchronization process is nothing more than modifying the SD card content. Ejecting the SD card from the unit before the synchronization process is thus technically impossible unless you imply to use the SD card reader. In this case plugging the hardware BeatBuddy to the computer is not necessary at all. You only need to connect the SD card to the computer either directly or via the hardware pedal in order to synchronize data with the BBManager project. Though, the latter case is yet supported only for OS Windows.

Hey Daef I don’t understand your response either. Maybe we speak different languages. I’m Australian. I was loading a song from my PC to my BB pedal when the power on the BB pedal turned off. The result was a corrupted SD card (which resided in the BB pedal at the time). I reinstalled the files from BB backup on the PC to the SD card. Since then I have loaded (exported) new files from my PC BB manager to the SD card directly from my PC so that the I don’t have a problem with my BB pedal switching off while uploading (downloading?) files (songs?) (projects?). What do you mean that to synchronize data between the between the BB pedal and the BB manager project you must have OS windows?

Macintosh users are not able to synchronize when connected directly to their BeatBuddy pedal and for this reason, the BeatBuddy SD card must be plugged into the Mac’s SD card reader or an external USB SD card reader. The BeatBuddy team is working on a solution for this Mac issue.

There is no sync problem connecting the BeatBuddy pedal directly to a computer using Windows.

@persist just said exactly what I wanted to say :slight_smile:
The other point was that the sync is the process that updates data on SD card exclusively. No need to use the hardware pedal - you can use an SD card reader instead - and this works for both Mac and Windows.

P.s.: OS = Operating System.

I noticed a loose connection when I tried to use a power supply cord from a different source. It does not make a good connection, so I use the OEM cord that came with the unit and it’s OK. If you mess with any wires on the pedalboard you have to make sure you check the BB power cable each time. It’s really touchy and doesn’t take much to dislodge it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.