beat buddy slips away on carpet, tips?

Wondered if anyone else had a great tip for this,
Seated playing seems to push pedal away more than standing up use does so:

Anyone, beat buddy slips away on carpet, tips?


Someone made a board with a raised surface and cutouts for the pedal and foot switch. I’ll see if I can find the thread. Works well for me on stage and on my carpet at home.

‘Velcro’ or generic ‘Hook & Loop’ comes in various widths in matched lengths of the loop part and the carpet-like mating surface from my local hardware store. I use 2" width (only the ‘Hook’ part) to stick a variety of boxes to my pedal board including BB so it should work on carpet.

With the rubber feet at the 4 corners on the bottom of my pedal, it stays put on looped carpet.

Found it

I used an old hacksaw blade under my plywood board …lol haven’t had a problem yet

Try some “Double-Back” sticky tape. It will hold on the carpet pretty well for a numerous amount of times… It needs to be at least one inch wide. The Velcro Hook Side is probably the best suggestion though. That workds pretty well. Sometimes it’s hard to get it unstuck.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.