Beat Buddy Song convert to mp3 file?

This has probably been covered before, but I can’t find it online…

I love the metal/rock drum sounds on the Beat Buddy. I’d like to make mp3 backing tracks with midi drum files from Guitar Pro, etc. that are nicely written out, but sound terrible on their own. I want to take the midi file, covert it to Beat Buddy for playback with the great sounds with the Beat Buddy, BUT then convert it into a backing track that I can play back once. Start to end. The goal is to payback on my computer or mp3 player.

What are the simplest ways to do this? Is there a Youtube video I missed?


I do not believe with the processing you are asking, that there is a simply way but anything is possible. I would imagine the only way to get your end result (mp3 file) would be to connect BB pedals head phone jack to your computers sound card and record an mp3 that way or even using the L & R OUT put jacks connected to your computers sound card


It really sounds more like you want a one-press (OP) format of your song instead of the default multi-part (press) songs. OP songs are available from Resources as drums OP or OP with bass or other instruments.

Another option which takes more effort would be to:
[]Export your GP file to MIDI
]Open the MIDI in a DAW such as Reaper or Logic Pro X and edit the drum or other tracks you want so that they will play in the BB; I’m using Reaper to walk you thru the rest of the simplified steps
[]If you haven’t done so yet, delete the MIDI tracks in Reaper that you don’t need leaving, say, the drums (and bass) track(s)
]Use Render in Reaper to output the MIDI drum (and whatever other tracks) to an mp3; make sure you change the audio format from WAV to mp3 (LAME) in the Render window
This is it—you should now have an mp3 of your drum (or other tracks). You’ll have to twiddle the process to get what you want but this gives you the basic idea.

Note: in order to keep the bass notes in their original octave, it should be edited in your DAW after it has been rendered with the drum track.

As jstrausss mentioned above, long haul for a short slide.

I also would like an easy way to record one press songs with good quality from Beat Buddy. The reason why is on occasion, in my acoustic set, it would be nice not to have to haul and set up my BB and instead I can easily trigger the BB MP3 or wave file within Quantiloop to start with a press of my midi controller to play along. I have confirmed that QL will allow me to import the MP3’s or waves and to trigger start via midi to do this. I have specially arranged most of my Beat Buddy one presses with some careful key changes and part changes etc… so my Beat Buddy Mp3s would be best as compared to other sites where I can download one presses out on the internet.

Thanks Jstrauss- I somehow missed this in the thread. I agree I think this is the only way- just too lazy to have tried it yet. :slight_smile:

You can record directly from any program into Audio Hijack, if you are on a Mac, or Total Recorder on PC. Then you can just play the song from Beat Buddy Manager and record directly into the audio capture program.

This is why I love this forum. Audio Hijack is the program I was hoping existed! Little expensive but I think that is what I need.

And if Audio Hijack is too expensive, you can go with some free alternatives:

QuickTime is already on your Mac.
There’s an Audio Recorder version for Mac and Windows.

I don’t know Guitar Pro, but if you can get mp3 out of Guitar Pro then the only thing missing is the BB drumset. I’m assuming Guitar Pro is pro enough to enable drumset creation :relieved: Digging the drum wav files should be much easier especially as it needs to be done only once :yum: