Beat Buddy Songs Best Practices or Strategy

Hi guys,

I’m planning create many BB (Metal/Hard Rock) songs but I dont know what is the best approach for this.
I see 2 ways to create songs in BB:

  1. Create a song with only one midi file with bass and drumset and play using BB pedal one time.
  2. Create a song with many parts, many midi files and use using BB pedal many times to jump between parts.

What is the best approach?
When is the best way to use one or another approach?

Thanks for comment!!!

  1. One-press bass (OPB) songs are the easiest to work up; OPB formatted songs seems to have the greatest number of requests & uploads.
  2. The multi-part songs take a lot more work (I also think they take up more file space) and a smaller number of users seem to prefer this format.

My suggestion is to post the songs in the format you use and like. If users would rather have them in OPB format, they will ask.

Something to keep in mind, Singular Sound has been promising to deliver an autopilot functionality for the BeatBuddy. IMO, if they ever deliver this capability to the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), it will greatly increase the desire for the multi-part songs. Right now autopilot is long overdue.


We write our own songs so prefer the flexibility of the multi-part approach, trying to stay with just the intro, verse, chorus, fills, transitions and outro. We can afford a few cock ups that way without it being noticed. However, some of our songs have up to eight parts. It is an extra thing to worry about, particularly if you add other instruments to the parts that go with the chords your playing on guitar. Miss a change and it sounds awful!

What is auto pilot?

Auto pilot is a proposed BB feature, which has been beta tested but never implemented, as yet. It allows the user to select a number of instances that each song section will play before advancing to the next section. Thus a typical multi-part BB song, like the premium songs sold by Singular, could be programmed to play through from beginning to end, while not creating a separate one-press midi file. Different versions of auto pilot have allowed for a programmed song to advance on a per section completed basis, or a per measure completed basis.

I can never figure out why people make on track songs. I think is just as easy to use a backing track in that case. And you can add other instruments.
I use the beat buddy for the flexibility

Different strokes. I like the idea of an extremely compact backing track playback device that also allows flexibility when I don’t want a backing track-like option.

I like the beat buddy so I don’t have to memorize every measure. I like using parts and the morningstar pedal so I can just have a few parts and the structure similar for most songs.

I have about 300 songs in my collection although I only have a hand full setup with the beatbuddy even though I have it for a pretty long time.

I’m not super happy with the morningstar since it’s easy to hit two button which makes it switch banks and seem impossible to switch back with your foot.

Have you figured out how to adjust tempo using the Morningstar. I am trying to set it up with an expression pedal for tempo.

I use OnSong to to select BB song and tempo.