Beat Buddy Songs

I have a mini and cam across some products to purchase such as Most Popular Cover Songs Vol. 1 and The Eagles Beats in the Style Of.

My question is, do these songs come completely arranged with fills and chorus to verse changes that happen automatically? In other words I start the song and don’t have to tap for fills or hold for verse chorus changes?

I checked YouTube for some samples of songs but couldn’t find any?

If so that’s amazing. Any feedback from anyone?

Hi, welcome to the forum!

The premium library songs are multipart songs similar to the built-in content of your beat buddy. They are not “one-press”. However many user created songs are one press. Search the forum for OPB (one press with bass) or DOP (drums one press) and you should find some examples.

The problem is - if you have a beat buddy mini or mini 2 - you can’t add new songs to your device, unfortunately.