Beat buddy starting auto scroll

Okay I’m moving right along with the beat buddy So far so good My next question when I hit start beats on the beat buddy pedal I would like to start auto scroll on setlist maker can this be done and how do you do it

Hey there, I’m afraid I don’t understand, could you please be more specific what you want the BB to do/think the BB should be doing so I can better assist you?


So far what I have is setlist maker is now telling BeatBuddy what tempo and what drum to play per song … But I would like little more detail like the volume of the BB also the style … Per song … What I’m thinking is the only way to do that is to go into the beat buddy and pre-program the drum style and volume ahead of time and then pick that file … I would like also to start the auto scroll with the BeatBuddy foot pedal if possible … Just some basic things because we play on the fly …