Beat buddy to play MIDI drums track in Reaper: settings & hints

Hi there, I’d like to know if it’s possible to use BB as an external drum machine to play a drum track (midi channel 10) on a midi file in Reaper, instead of using a VST instrument (like EZdrummer). I’ve read a lot of comments and post as well as the MIDI instructions that comes with the BB but I’m a little bit confused and a simple step by step guide would be more than appreciated (BB & Reaper settings for dummies…).
As additional info, I use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 and:

  • I’ve connected the OUT fm the Focusrite to the IN of the BB split cable;
  • in Reaper, I’ve selected and activeted the MIDI output selecting the focusrite as well as the “clock” option thicked (so now in the specific tag in the Prefernces the Focusrite appears as “enabled+clock”);
  • from the BB I’ve connected the Output jacks into Focusrite’s INPUT n. 3 & 4;
  • I’ve checked the BB MIDI configurations and they are all set as per MIDI guide’s recommendations.
    There’s clearly some step/action I’ve missed (probably the reaper configuration for listening the specific channels) because If I play the track I can hear all the other instruments but the drum track even if the mete
    Additionally, it’s not clear for me if the BB has to be placed on stand-by or play mode to receive the midi instructions so whatever help would be highly appreciated.
    Many thanks you all.

Have you enabled Midi Note On in the BB settings? Also, the BB might not be set to listen on channel 10.

Hey there,

I’m going to ask the same thing: do you have Note on and off enabled in the BB main menu settings? Main Pedal > MIDI settings > MIDI IN

If you do and this is still not working make sure the BB is set to listen to ALL or Ch10

Checked, they were already on, I’ve changed with another midi cable for good measure, still no sound…

Hi Brennan, I’ve checked the settings from BB side and they seems to be good. What I miss is firstly is if I have to set a specific song on BB to “play” whatever sequence it gets from reaper (a pattern? a song? what format of song? should I have to select a specific drumkit?). Moreover, I think that there’s something to tinker with from reaper side about “outputs” and “inputs” on the specific drum track (has to be armed? has to be monitored? how?). I know, a lot of doubts and so many variables… :woozy_face:
Last thing: with the midi track on STOP, if I push the start on the BB, it plays perfectly on the selected drum track of the midi file, meaning that at least the sound pattern from BB -> focusrite -> Reaper seems to work!

Ok, I think not knowing Reaper very well is maybe the issue here, I’m gonna tap @persist he may have some reaper knowledge here that I am unaware of.

There is one drum kit, the latin set, that is not general midi, but there should be no issue with any other regular sets. The current song should not have any effect, BB can be stopped and still playback notes. Also, there does not seem to be any issue with Channel 10. Tell me, are you 100% positive your MIDI notes are where general MIDI drum map lies? IF you’re off by an octave it would seem like nothing is happening.

Are you saying BB is sending Start/Stop to reaper acting as the master? maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean here.

Don’t know if this helps…
My setup is a Tascam US144mkii MIDI OUT into the BB MIDI IN and BB audio OUT into the Tascam L/R Audio IN. Reaper MIDI setup similar to yours except I disabled the MIDI clock in the configuration or it would start the BB pattern. Only MIDI note events need to be sent to the BB. Importantly the MIDI Output needs to be enabled in the Routing Matrix as I show in the image below. The routing sends Reapers MIDI to the interface which will be your Focusrite. The MIDI note events are sent to the BB and the two audio tracks do record what is coming back from the BB.
If there’s anything else I can try, even with a different interface than your Focusrite, let me know.

I’d like to know if Singular Sound could develop a DAW VST plugin to enable use of BB drumsets and SNG’s/MIDI files? Sort of like EZDrummer and similar and then you wouldn’t need crazy connections to route MIDI and audio to and from the BB and interface. The birth of the plugin ‘BBDrummer’!! :grinning:

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Another possibility is to download or export the midi files that BB uses and import them into the midi track in your Daw directly

Many thanks Mark, I’ll give a try to your hints ASAP.
As per some comments by other very kind friends and helpers, I’ll try to explain what I really want (would like, actually…) from my BB:

  • I do normally use cubase 8 on my workstation to play midi tracks and after a very steep learning curve (as many DAW requires) I’m now able to manage nearly everything, from tempo track to GM drum assignement;
  • I use Groove Agent SE 4 to play MIDI drum tracks and it works quite well as “external” drum VST;
  • given the Steinberg policy about licensing and “dongling” that does not allow to install the same product on two computers, if had to install REAPER on my desktop for live performances;
  • Unless I miss something, Reaper does not have a good drum VST that I can use with my customized MIDI tracks, thus the idea was:
    can I use BB as an external VST instrument to play my drum tracks on the MIDI file imported in Reaper?
    And of course many thanks again you all !!

Thanks a lot for you help but the problem is NOT to play a drum track on the SD card of the BB triggering the event from reaper but to play a drum track on the midi file in Reaper using whatsoever BB’s drumkit as an external VST. I mean, there are other external drum VST (EZdrums for example) but they cost a lot and before going there, I’d like to know if the BB can be used for this purpose or not… :wink:

Thanks Brennan, I only intended that the OUT connections from BB to my sound card and Reaper are OK and If I play the BB I can hear it’s nice sound through Reaper. Most likely - and supposing that what I’m asking is doable - there’s something I miss from reaper side…

That’s exactly what I’m asking Mark !!! :grin: