Beat buddy transition with non-middy loopers

Until I get a higher priced looper like pigtronix or this companies I guess Aeros? I have a stereo jam man and Nux loop core deluxe. I’d like to incorporate it into my busking but it can be tricky getting the loops to start and end just right. I can do it pretty well but it’s not always exact and sometimes I have to sort of emphasize my playing, to de-emphasize over a little glitch. It seems both of them are more apt to be on or close if I use the auto start-maybe that’s just removing area for user error, and further if I use the single function instead of loop, I’m more apt to get something I can use but are there any tips, for things I can do that anyone is doing to get it right on. Of course the more simple the beat the better and if I’m not playing over the spot where it ends and begins again that helps greatly. Anyone got anything more?

Honestly, until I got the Pigtronix, I never got it right. Having someting that midi synced was the key ingredient for me. That said, in my prior attempts, I also found that auto start worked for the front end of the loop. For the end of the loop, the key thing for me was making sure that the I waited for the full last beat of the loop and did not trigger the end too early. But, when you can quantize to the beat, or to the measure, the process becomes much easier. A flashing metronome might help. The BB’s visual metronome helps quite a bit.

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Yeah I’ve actually found that the flashing metronome helps quite a bit… So maybe my eyes are a little better than my ears_hand eye coordination versus ear hand, or foot I guess ha.