Beat Buddy Very Low Volume On Right (Mono) Output

My Beat Buddy’s left (mono) output has very low volume and a thin slightly distorted tone (the right output seems to be fine). Both the drum sounds and the thru sound seem to have this problem. If i disconnect my guitar output from the Beat Buddy input and connect it directly to my amp or whatever, it is fine. If I plug into the right input the sound comes out of the right output no problem (but nothing from the left output) then when I connect to the left (mono) input the sound from the left (mono) output has this low volume problem (while the right output still sounds fine). I tried changing the cables and power supply. I also reinstalled the firmware and reset the settings to the factory settings . Nothing seems to make any difference . At this point I am convinced it is a hardware problem. Am I missing something ? I am open to suggestions before trying to send it back for servicing.

What is the volume level on the BB? I have mine set at 51% and it gives me pretty much what I need. Are you using mono (not TRS) patch cables?

And of course if there’s still no improvement, contact for additional help.

Mono cables … drum volume is usually set to around 100% to match the input volume from my guitar

Yes, please reach out to at your earliest convenience. Thank you.