Beat Buddy with 9V Battery?

Is there a way to power the Beat Buddy with a battery? I would love to be able to bring it to Open Mics and such, but there’s not always AC Power available. Thanks

Since others have asked this question, you can search the forum. Here are the search results:

I have seen all those but there still is no real solution

The second thread within that link may be the closest you’ll come to a “solution.”

MexicoMike shared his experience at Beat Buddy Power Supply Update

Several years ago Singular Sound announced an external battery (I think for a Summer NAAM) fur the pedal but I don’t think they ever manufactured or released it. If it had been feasible or suitable, they probably would have made one.

Some users have reported digital noise with their BB when using a battery or external battery power supply. Although your battery may provide power for up to 3 hours, this is probably going to be affected by temperatures. So if you’re looking for a commercially available solution, I’m sure you can find one using Google or Amazon.

If you find something that works for you, please reply to your thread to let others know.

I am curious to how these places power an “open mic” with no electricity available. I am not doubting you. But I guess in order to use the BB, the venue will need electricity. Of course most places have electricity unless this is occurring in an outdoor park or something. I always played in rock bands in bars, so electricity was required or no band lol. Just seems odd to me that a place invites musical performers, but seems to have no electricity. That might work for a younger Bob Dylan. Do these places have heat and/or air conditioning? :wink:


Bring an extension cord with you.


Perhaps otherwise known as an LFW or “long frictin’ wire”

Of course there is electricity available, but for open mics you try and keep things simple for the host.
Finding an open outlet or power source and then you may need an extension chord too? A battery would
be much simpler.

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To much hassle just to play for 15 mins

There’s a forum member over on AGF that uses one of these to power his QSC CP8.

I have a QSC CP8 as well and bought one of these portable power stations. It works well to power the speaker along with a small mixer, BeatBuddy, and an acoustic pedal. I’ve used it for up to an hour at a time and probably could have gone a bit longer. Fifteen minutes would be no problem.

I also bought a larger one as well (linked below) that I can use if the power in my house goes out. Overall I’m pleased what both can do.

I tried Rockboard Power LT XL. Very, veeery long to charge. But it works.


If you mean a small 9v battery, you could buy a 9v adapter for less than 10 bucks, cut off the electrical transformer and then solder a 9V battery connector to the wires, making sure that the polarity is correct feeding the beat buddy from a 9v battery. Bring a bunch of 9v batteries to the gig because I don’t know how long a 9v transistor battery would last powering a beat buddy. Problem solved.

Wow. Such complex replies! I just use a USB power bank and a 5v to 9v converter. Works really well. No issues, ever!

Could you possibly link me to those products? Thanks.

Mophie through their brand Zagg makes this battery with an AC outlet. I bought one a few years ago to power my Voicelive 3 + BB.

Roll your own… :money_mouth_face:

I have multiple battery boards (tourtek) and beat buddy does not play nice. Extreme digital noise… The USB adapter idea may help but I can’t get the aeros and beat buddy cannot coexist on same battery…

This combination works well and you can plug additional 9v pedals in with the multi adapter that comes with it!


Use a VHT Vooster with a USB battery. Easy peasy.

just the fact that it’s called “open mic” and not “scream unamplified at the audience” would suggest to me that there is electricity available