Beat buddy with Foot Switch


I just wanted to double check here. With the footswitch, I can keep the BB at eye level right, and run all it’s functions from the floor?



I assume you are referring to the 2-button footswitch and not the upcoming MIDI Controller footswitch. All the functionality shown below works. While the BeatBuddy is stopped, you can select Folders and then a Song within a folder via the footswitch. But to Start/Stop the song selection, you need to tap the BeatBuddy itself. I am not aware of a way to do that via the footswitch. If there is another option, I hope someone can correct me.

According to the footswitch advertisement:
Functions (when used with the BeatBuddy):
[]Press the left switch during a song to trigger an accent hit. (Can be any sound and different for each song part.)
]Pause/unpause the beat during a song with the right switch.
[]During song selection, hold the right switch to enter/exit folders.
]During song selection tap the right switch to advance to the next song/folder.

You can use one of the switches on the footswitch as the main pedal, that way you wouldn’t need to tap the main unit, but you do have to either give up accent hits or the pause/unpause functionality.

I’m 70 years old and bending down to tweak knobs or push buttons isn’t as easy as it used to be (eye sight doesn’t care for floor pedals either). I have the BB along with a guitar pedal up on a ‘table’ I made out of an old camera tripod The setup options for the footswitch (using a pair of Boss FS-5U’s) is flexible enough I can do most anything I need. I do use the buttons to make song/beat selections, as it seems easier that way for me.

Reason I asked is because of this listing on Sweetwater where it mentions

Run from an external footswitch — Keep the BeatBuddy at eye level while using an external footswitch (sold separately) for loops, fills, and transitions. Everything BeatBuddy’s onboard switch could do, an external switch can now control.–singular-sound-beatbuddy-drum-machine-pedal

This would indeed be handy for me. Maybe it can be programmed to behave this way.


I had a look through the manual today and I see where I can place it up and control it from the floor with the double switch. I’m going to try it both ways, but I’m imagining I’ll like it better higher. I wouldn’t want to bend down for anything unless I just HAD to.