Beat Buddy with Looper Delay and Wah setup

Hi all,

I just tested a new configuration that works great thus far but the BB sound is not very loud unfortunately. Here is what I did.

This works better now but sound from Beat Buddy pedal is not very loud. I do like having option to not record the BB drums in the looper for a cleaner guitar sound. So far, I tested the following configurations on my new pedalboard

Wah->Canyon delay-> Pigtronix Infinity Looper-> front input Amp
Pigtronix-> RETURN effects amp
(back of amp)
BB-> Front input amp
BB-> SEND amp effects (back of amp)

Video of what I have now for the pedalboard setup:

The main thing now is that wah and delay work flawless and loops only record guitar but not the BB drum sounds. Only down side is BB drum is not very loud. Not sure how to fix this? My guitar teacher has his BB hooked up to a dedicated PA system so I may have to go this route for best results. The looper is a BEAST! I am still learning it and love the many features.

Open to suggestions on how to improve the setup before I finalize the setup.