Beat buddy with TC Nova System

I have a Beatbuddy and santa just bought me a TC Nova system and some pedals, so Im building a pedal board Trouble is that i get all the distortion and boost from the Nova effecting my drum beat sounds LOL Chorus own drums . So what can I do? Here is my set up I’m hoping for some Super brain to help me been at it 3 days!

Single Chanel Amp Cornell Romany 1 x Unput
Amp to Output left in Nova System,Guitar plugged to tuner, tuner to Wha, Wha to Tube Screamer, Tube Screamer to Shakin Jimie Verb,Jimie verb to Beatbuddy, beat buddy also has BB footswitch, Then BB to Nova System Output to drive input on Nova.
All powered up all cabled up all wks except the BB gets distorted or boost sound sets when using Rig…
Any Ideas.Please

Make the BB the last thing in your signal chain before going into the amp. Don’t crank the volume on the BB, its a hot pedal.

“Any Ideas.Please”

Hi Big Derek. Santa was really good to you :- )
Here’s another idea–if you have a set of powered monitors, try running your BeatBuddy separately from your guitar effects and amp. The reason you would do this is because a guitar amp and speaker cab do not reproduce a full frequency range while powered monitors produce a richer frequency range that the BeatBuddy can take advantage of. Of course this is all a moot point if you don’t have a pair of powered monitors lying around the house.

Since it sounds like you’re using the Tube Screamer at the front of your amp and if you’re using the TC Nova primarily for the modulation (chorus etc), you could run it along with your reverb pedal through the effects loop on your amp.

In the end though, your ears will determine how it sounds best. Be curious to hear what anyone comes back at 'ya with from the TC forum.

Yes Santas been good but i don’t have any fx loop on amp its a single chanel 1 x input thats it! And i have no other speakers or monsters… Its all OK until you use Nova … Needs to be sorted doing my head in! Help

I couldn’t decipher your signal chain from your original post. Start from your guitar and separate the elements with a " > ". As near as I can tell, you have:

Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Tube Screamer > Verb > BB > Nova > Amp

You need to rearrange that to:

Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Tube Screamer > Verb > Nova > BB > Amp

Since the Nova has a bunch of stuff in it, you could try

Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Nova > BB > Amp

and just use the verb and distortion in the Nova.

If the BB is the last box before your amp, it won’t distort. The BB will pass through anything coming into the input jack and won’t be affected by anything before it. If you’re still hearing distortion, then you’ve got distortion turned on inside the amp, the BB signal is too hot, or something before the BB is overdriving the BB buffers.

I dont know how to put BB into back of Nova ? Trying

Connect the output of the Verb (or the output of the Wah in the second mapping) to the input of the Nova

Connect the output of the Nova to the Input L (mono) jack of the BB. Connect the Output L (mono) jack of the BB to the input of the amp.

Here is a photo of back of TC Nova

Ok thanks tried that didn’t work loud scream ! When I plug amp jack in ? Please see picture I have posted one input innovates a drive the other input is a line? Any more suggestions other that a Big Hammer!

No need for a hammer;- ) Let’s try to simplify this and get just the BeatBuddy working with the Nove. You’re going to use just the Nova and the BeatBuddy and once you’ve got this working, you can add your other pedals.

  1. Connect your guitar to the DRIVE input of the Nova
  2. “Connect the LEFT output of the Nova to the Input L (mono) jack of the BB.”
  3. “Connect the Output L (mono) jack of the BeatBuddy to the input jack of the amp.”

Does this work now? If not, try connecting just your guitar to the Nova and connect it to the amp to rule out any problems between your guitar, cable, Nova, and amp.

Any luck? Or are you too busy enjoying your TC Nova and BB?

Hi persist my name is Derek I hate sudo titles LOL “Yes Its working” the only distortion I’m getting now when i press the Nova drive button is the Guitar! Thank goodness… All seems OK …
Now then Stage 2 " What do i do to connect all my other stuff into the line? I Have nothing in the input of the Tuner thats 1st in the line?
Then Wha then Tube screamer, Then Satisfaction Fuzz, then Jimmi Verb, in but nothing from the out?

The Nova has Input (Line input) free
Output (right ) free

Can you conclude ?
I hope so :slight_smile:

Cheers Derek

Connect the tuner between your guitar and the Nova.

Sorry to sound Thick! But How?

Guitar to tuñer input, tuner output to Nova Drive in

Okay, Derek. Now that you have a working signal chain, all you’re going to do is to insert some more pedals in to this chain. You are not going to use the Line Input or the Output Right at all. We’re continuing to try this in bite-size chunks so that we can make sure that everything works the way you want it.

  1. This is what I think you have right now: Guitar > Nova > BB > Amp
  2. You are going to connect the Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Verb > (into the DRIVE Input of the) Nova (and the LEFT Output will still go into the) > BB > Amp
  3. If this is all still working, then you can add the rest of your pedals, like this: Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Fuzz > Tube Screamer > Verb > Nova > BB > Amp

As @Rob22315 suggested though, since the Nova has most of your effects, you can experiment by taking the Fuzz, Tube Screamer and Verb back out of your chain. Why, you might ask? Since the Nova has these effects, these three are kind of overkill and might make your signal chain noisy (especially when using the Tube Screamer and Fuzz at the same time as you are using the Boost or Drive effects on the Nova).

You can find a very good G System white paper on the TC forum that also has a section on the Nova. It can help you as you become more familiar with your Nova <>

Now, start jamming and rocking, dude! ;- )

Well Chaps thanks for some Good Advice all sorted Thanx to you:-) Blimey theres a lot to fanny about with in this NOVA i feel like a proper Rolling Stone…All pedals are in and working we had to use the mains adaptor for the BB it stopped any humming that way. See us old feckers can learn LOL Anyway thanks agin and i will keep you posted as and when I can drive the thing… A big Happy New Year to you all…

Glad to hear that you’ve sorted out your pedals. Happy New Year.

Now that you have the signal chain working… Hook up the Midi out from the BeatBuddy to the Midi IN on the Nova
the Nova can Auto Snyc This times the effects of the Nova to the BPM of the BeatBuddy! its comes alive :slight_smile:

I also have midi Thru from the Nova to my Infintiy Looper so everything on my pedal board is in snyc

What lead do I need ?