Beat Buddy with V drums converting midi

Hey , sorry if this has been covered but I was wondering if someone knows how to do this.

My drummer records on V drums for all our songs and uses superior drums etc and slate I believe …
Anyway …

I wanted to have him send me the midi files from his v drums so I can use them in the best buddy to do the songs live as a one man show thing … I think it would be great to be able to use the midi from the actual songs but he’s not sure how to do it because I guess beat buddy is general midi … can I convert Roland to work with beat buddy somehow without having to go in and manually do it??

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If he is using Superior Drums and Slate, he is already sending midi from the V-drums. The issue that you will have is knowing what midi note maps to each of his kit pieces that send notes. I suggest you try this:

  1. have him set up to record the midi of his playing
  2. play 1 kit piece for 10 hits, and note what kit piece it is
  3. repeat step 2, until he has gone through each kit piece.

From the resulting midi file, you can then know which midi notes should be which kit piece.

You can then open a BB kit in BB Manager and remap the kit to the midi numbers of your drummers’ V drum kit.

Change the name of the kit in BB Manager (search for my tutorial on renaming drum kits.) Then, Save As for this drum kit to a known location on your HD. Quit and restart BB Manager, and import the new drumkit. Make it active by clicking on the box in front of its name.

He can then send you midi files from his drums, and you can use your newly created kit to play a reasonable facsimile of his drums.

Feel free to reply back when you are lost.

Hi Phil, I’m the drummer Monnecka mentioned above. :slight_smile:

I can handle the basic mapping differences, but the one thing I can’t seem to figure out is the hi-hat. I’m recording MIDI into Logic Pro using a Roland TD-30. Regardless of whether the hi-hat is open or closed, the note number is always the same: A#1, and the closed/open sounds of the hi-hat are achieved via CC values (FOOT (4)). I’m guessing somebody must have run into this before. I have a hunch that I’m going to have to find a way to convert A#1/CC=0 to one note, and A#1/CC=127 to another.

You are correct. Beat Buddy follows general midi mapping for open hat, closed hat, and pedal hat.

Other articulations are generally not present. For example, there are no cymbal grabs. Most kits use the midi 36 kick drum, not the 35. Usually, there are a maximum of three toms in factory BB kits, 41 and 47 are usually the missing ones.

Feel free to ask for further clarification.

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