Beat Buddy won’t load 2021 complete collection

I just downloaded the 2021 complete collection. It opens in the Beat Buddy Manager but the Beat Buddy just flashes No SD Card slowly and and never opens, even after 2 hours.

If I delete the 2021 collection from the SD card and load what I had originally on the Beat Buddy it opens just fine.

Any ideas?

Use the computer SD card reader
Delete the contents of the SD card
Empty the Trash or Recycle Bin
Copy the unzipped premium library content (PLC) to the card
Launch the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
File - Open Project and navigate to your SD card
Press Open
Accept prompts to save project on your computer’s bbworkspace folder

You should now be in business; if not, read the
BBM user guide, or PLC install instructions or contact

Did all that and still doesn’t work.

Strange. I can delete everything and simply drag and drop my previous project, without opening BBM, and the BB sees it just fine.

I’ll wait to hear what support has to say. Odd the BBM opens it fine but the BB doesn’t.

But I should be able to load the

The only other issue could be that you got an incomplete download of the PLC. Download a fresh copy and try it again. Otherwise, I’d have to defer to Support.

What size and type SD card are you using?

Let us know what you end up doing to solve your problem.

I’m using the 4gb card that came with the BB. I didn’t think of trying to download it again, let me try that and see what happens.

Thanks again for your quick responses and I will absolutely let ya’ll know the resolution.

And check that your card is not locked.

not sure that card is large enough, they mention somewhere that you need a minimum of 8 gb for the complete collection.

disregard this i just checked, and my card is at 2.73 with the complete collection, plus some other things.
so what i said before is wrong.