Beat compatibility, beats translate well with the world percussion cajon kit

Hi folks,
I took the plunge on the world percussion cajon kit.
I have to say that, aside from the nitpicky complaints, I am pleased!

They’ve mapped the highhat to a shaker. I think it sounds pretty good. Ride cymbals and open hats seem to be mapped to other kinds of shakers and rattles, so the sound does change in B sections.
Some toms are mapped to udu and that works ok too.

My chief complaint is the noticeable slapback echo. It just sounds artificial. The room sounds much nicer on the flamenco set, but that set doesn’t seem to map quite as nicely to existing beats.

At any rate, to my ear and sensibilities, the world cajon kit works much better for me and my acoustic guitar than a full blown pounding drum kit.
I will be giving the World percussion cajon set a spin this weekend at a gig. :slight_smile:

Spend your $5 if you do acoustic gigs. You’ll like it I believe.

I dig both the World Perc and the Flamenco kit. Out of the box, the Flamenco kit gives a slightly heavier bass hit, which is perfect for some of our tunes that need something smaller than the bigger kits, but need a little more oomph than the World Cajon.

At some point I’d like to drop the flamenco cajon samples in to the world percussion set, but for now it’s good enough. :slight_smile:

Rusty, which standard BB genres are you using with the WPerc Set? Does it work with well with the songs in the Blues or Rock genres?

Blues sounds pretty good, so do some pop styles.
Any beat that uses the highhat to play 8th notes or 16th notes works pretty good because the shaker takes place of the highhat.
The rock beats use a lot of open high hat and there is nothing mapped to high hat so those beats sound really empty.

Another thing to remember is that a cajon has no toms. So, they
've used an udu to take the place of the toms, but the fills are still quite open sounding.Many of the toms I believe are mapped to hits on the cajon so a complicated fill sounds more like a commplicated fill but with only one instrument, the cajon, and maybe a cymbal crash at the end.

I feel it was $5 well spent.