Beat needed

Need the beat for One Of Those Days by Eilen Jewell.
Her sound has been described as country, rockabilly, blues, folk and rock-Sounds a bit like Jazz to me.
I would so appreciate any help with this…

It’s a pretty straight up back beat. I’ll get this. It’s actually a very similar beat to Kryptonite.

I made a couple variations. There are long and short patterns, with open and closed hi hats. Pick what you what and delete the rest. I selected the brushes kit for the .sng file, but if you want it a bit louder the Jazz kit works well, too. Experiment with other kits if you don’t like those 2.

One of Those (6.0 KB)

OMG I love it! Thank you so much. It’s exactly what I wanted. I like the Brushes Kit you chose with it, but you’re so right the Jazz Kit works just as well.