Beat Request - Alejandro Sanz - Y Solo Se me Ocurre Amarte OPB

I’ve been trying to get it done myself but I just don’t get the MIDI editors. Can somebody help me make this OPB, half step down from the original, because the vocals are quite high.

Also, in the MIDI attached there is one blank bar, could the count in be added with closed hi-hats?

I tried to do it myself but I need it for an upcoming show and I am kinda in a hurry.
MIDI file is attached or can be downloaded (18.0 KB) in the link below.

Thanks a LOT.


This is awesome, it sounds great! I will look around the forum because I really want to learn how to do what you just accomplished.
Thanks a lot for your help :pray:

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Very thoughtful of you to provide a link for the MIDI source file as it’s always a big time saver.

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