BeatBuddy firmware update did not work

Hi, I have followed your instructions for updating my BB firmware When I put the SD card back into the BB, the unit never restarted. Instead, the BB screen alternates between UPDATING BEATBUDDY FIRMWARE and NO SD CARD vol 63%.

My computer is M1 MacBook Air OS14.3.1
What should I do?

If your pedal still shows that it’s powering up, try disconnecting and reconnecting the power (with the power supply that came with your pedal).

If that doesn’t work, download a fresh version of the firmware and unzip to your desktop.
Select and copy all of the files in the folder you unzipped in the folder you unzipped on your desktop;
Put your SD card in your computer slot reader;
Paste the files to your SD card;
Disconnect the power to your pedal;
Put the SD card in your pedal and connect the power; allow the firmware update to complete (takes about 2-3 minutes.

Let us know how it turns out and if that does not work, please contact Support,

BTW, I moved your post to a new thread.

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That seems to have worked, looks good.


Glad it’s working for you.

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I’m new to the beatbuddy.
Mine has the firmware, is this the latest firmware for the beatbuddy or is there a newer version.

There is an update

Thanks for the replies.
I’m waiting on a new Sd card at the moment so I can load everything onto this one (worried about doing something wrong on the original Sd card) I will let the group know how I get on.
I am just a bit worried after reading some of the posts about “updating failures”

Hi all,
I have added default content and firmware 4.1.6 to my new Sd card without any gliches.
Loaded Sd card into the beatbuddy successfully, and it all works.
Now to learn how to create folders and playlists.

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