BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.x “Options, lots of options!”

Hi fellow BeatBuddies!

Edit (9/6/23): We made added some additional MIDI support and made some bug fixes (see changelog below): Download BeatBuddy firmware 4.1.6 here

If there are any issues with this version, you can revert to BeatBuddy firmware 4.1.4 here

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.6 Changelog

  • Added CC:104 to open settings

    • Values between 1 and 127 open up the settings
  • Added support for part selection (without playing) when receiving CC113 while stopped.

    • Value 1-32: BB Stays in a stopped state but displays the current part selected. If the part does not exist, the BB displays the STOPPED message
    • Value 126: Previous Part
    • Value 127: Next Part
    • Value 0: BB starts at the current part following the Intro setting.
  • Allows changing parts while stopped, CC:113 values 1-32 will select the BeatBuddy Part if that part exists. CC:113 values 126 and 127 will toggle through the stopped parts.

  • The BeatBuddy will start from a stopped state when it receives CC:113 value 0, this helps the BeatBuddy start in sync with the Aeros as MIDI Transmitter (Master) when switching parts to restart the BeatBuddy

  • Added a MIDI command to open the settings, CC:104 value 1-127

  • The external foot switch can also be used for previous and next part navigation. (New options in the footswitch settings menu)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scrolling current selection up or down by one song in a playlist when using external MIDI CC:119 value 1 and value 0, respectively
  • Set Transition Forgiveness as enabled by default

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.4 Changelog

  • Ignores CC:113 values 33-124
  • Crash when receiving MIDI CC:113 while stopped fixed
  • Will now transition to part set by last received CC:113 command, for example, if you send CC:113, value 1, followed by value 2 followed by value 3, and then send value 0, it now correctly switches to part 3. This is to work better with the Aeros when the Aeros is MIDI Transmitter (master) and Auto Song Part Change (6x6) is enabled.
  • Fix Song Select Aeros Mode option (Midi Out)
  • Fix Transition Forgiveness bug when using some time signatures (e.g. 5/8, 6/8, and others)

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.3 Changelog

  • Fixed crash caused by playing fill, transition, fill one after the other on certain BeatBuddy songs
  • Renamed Loop Forgiveness setting to Transition Forgiveness

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.2 Changelog

  • Added help texts for song & folder selection (Midi-out)
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed OFF state for the new Transition Forgiveness setting.

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.1 Changelog

  • Added transition forgiveness setting, default set to off

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.0 Changelog

Main Pedal & Player

  • Option to disable song transitions: Settings → Main Pedal → Transition

  • Option to play a count-in if song does not have an intro: Settings → Main Pedal → Intro → Intro or Count In

  • Option to turn off tap bpm on main pedal (So if pedal is set to release, you can hold it down as long as you like without entering tap tempo mode and release to start the beat): Settings → Main Pedal → Start Beat → Tap Tempo Mode

  • Loop forgiveness: If the BeatBuddy receives a song part transition MIDI command (CC:113, value 0) in the first 300ms of the measure, it will change song parts immediately without a transition fill and stay in time to the beat. This is because most likely the user intended the transition to occur in this measure and was a bit late in sending the command. This is common when trying to transition at the end of the measure, rather than in advance. This is the same way the Aeros works.

  • Improved hands-free content navigation to give the user a way to exit a folder (without using arrows or wait 5 seconds):

    • If on Folder list:

      • Short press on main pedal: Open selected folder
      • Hold press on main pedal: return to open song
    • If folder is open:

      • Short Press on main pedal: Selects and opens song
      • Hold press on main pedal: Goes back to folder list
    • This approach gives the pedal switch the following feeling:

      • short press → enters / select
      • hold press → go back / exit


  • Add next part / previous part commands in pause and playing menu

  • Tap tempo is registered only when set as option for specific footswitch (previously all footswitch presses were registered as a tap during tap tempo mode)

  • Improved hands-free content navigation:

    • Left foot switch press : up
    • Right foot switch press : down
    • Left foot switch hold : enter / exit folder
    • Right foot switch hold : enter / exit folder
  • Separated playing and paused footswitch behavior: You can now choose a different function for the footswitch depending on whether it is currently playing a beat or paused.

  • Added next part / previous part action in paused and playing menu


  • MIDI-IN: Added default mode and playlist support for Program Change (PC)

    • Aeros mode : MSB is ignored, LSB >= 111 refers to playlists
    • Default mode: MSB + LSB makes the bank, MSB = 127 refers to playlists
  • Updated midi start message on unpause. When the MIDI Start message is sent while paused, unpause is controlled by the MIDI Start setting:

    • Intro → immediately

    • Main Beat → after fill / transition

  • BeatBuddy can send time signature as a custom CC-103 message

    • bit [6...2] : Numerator code == (real numerator - 1)
    • bit [1...0] : Denominator code
  • Added Midi In CC:113 Value 125: Cancel transition

  • Added Midi In CC:121: Exclusive transition (this was added so that you can transition on the BeatBuddy without transitioning on the Aeros).

  • New Midi In CC:122: No-fill transition: Trigger a transition without playing fill

  • Midi Out: Send Folder / Playlist and Song PC on loading song

  • Midi Out: Send Midi start message when receiving CC:113, value 0 when paused (this will start BeatBuddy playback)


  • Improve long playlist name handling

    • Added scrolling of long playlist names in the home screen
  • Limited the number of characters in the popup screen

  • Added new loading states for better debugging: More useful info (invalid SD card, loading SD card, etc.)

  • Go to home screen when SD card is removed

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash / restarting after triggering a factory reset

  • Fixed double line break in help texts (Less chance to miss important information)

  • Fixed SD card corruption issues

  • Fixed Playlist creation issue (corrupted SD card)

  • No more unnecessary warning when inserting the SD card on a computer

  • Default drumset: Fixed loading of previous drumset if default drumset is disabled after a power cycle

  • Default tempo: Fixed loading of previous tempo if default tempo is disabled after a power cycle

MIDI Commands

CC Values Behavior Version Added
CC-121 [0,1-32, 126, 127] Exclusive transition, the Aeros does not respond to this command and the BeatBuddy can use it to transition. By default this is disabled in the MIDI settings menu. 4.1.0
CC-122 [0,1-32, 126, 127] No fill transition,the BeatBuddy can use it to transition without a fill playing. 4.1.0
CC-113 125 Cancel transition, cancel a transition that has not finished 4.1.0
MSB + LSB + PC MSB= CC0 values 0-127 LSB= CC0 values 0-127 PC values 0-127 The BeatBuddy can now send Song Select commands automatically when a song is opened, the command sent cannot be set, it is based on the song and folder location. In Default Mode, the BeatBuddy will send the MSB and LSB (representing folder) and a PC for the song within the folder. 4.1.0
MSB + PC MSB= CC0 values 0-127 PC values 0-127- The BeatBuddy can now send Song Select commands automatically when a song is opened, the command sent cannot be set, it is based on the song and folder location. In Aeros Mode Mode, the BeatBuddy will send the MSB 0-127 to represent the first 128 folders on BeatBuddy, LSB os not used. A PC representing the song within the folder will also be sent. This was done to allow user to control Aeros more versatility, LSB commands do not affect the Aeros. 4.1.0

Looks interesting. But I’ll wait… :slight_smile:

I’m waiting. Interesting though.

I’m testing
No problemo at this moment
Nice features for the footswitches
Transition forgiveness nice


Could someone please update the BB Midi Commands List so I can figure out what options there are for all the new CC’s? In the meantime, can anyone explain CC-121 and the options for it, please? I have no PC at the moment due to real life having it’s way with me. I need to see if I have to go to someone that has one. Thanks in advance.

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Hey there all new MIDI functions are in the changelog:

CC121 is the same as CC113 but the Aeros does not respond to it

Also, the BB MIDI commands list will be updated once the firmware is no longer in beta!


Same as CC-113 in that there are values for next part, previous part, and then any of parts 1 through 6? What are the values?

And sorry about the demand for you to update the spreadsheet. I just want everything now. You know, just like all of your best customers. :grin:

I’m desperately waiting for the feature that lets you ‘re-name’ a song from using the l/r/u/d keys and the knobs (i.e. select character, scroll thru alphabet, etc., etc., then ‘save’), and ‘not’ have to connect to a PC/Mac.
My BOSS GT-1 Guitar Modeling pedal allows this, so i know it’s should just be a software modification.

Ah - GREAT - these features I was desperately looking forward to have included for a long time - thanks so much … keep the options coming!!

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I’m not able to download this firmware, when I click it, it opens one drive and nothing happens, it gives an error message, my windows is 7

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That is unlikely due to the link, it is working I just tried it

Try again here

Any word on allowing program and control command out function to control other devices?

  • Added Midi In CC:121: Exclusive transition (this was added so that you can transition on the BeatBuddy without transitioning on the Aeros).

Awesome. If I didn’t have a gig tomorrow I’d update. Partly solves an Aeros question I had.


Is CC-121 reliant on CC-113 value - 0 to complete a transition? Or is there a CC-121 value - 0? I do not understand when you say it’s the same as CC-113.

i use onsong to control beatbuddy. I just click on a song on onsong and the song is called on beatbuddy. after i updated beatbuddy this system stopped working. should i change some parameter??

I tried 4.1 for about 30 minutes, then I reverted to 4.0. I’m not digging the new “Transition Forgiveness”. I don’t use any one-press beats. I like to hit transitions myself. I spend time rehearsing when to hit transitions in each song, and I had gotten used to how Beatbuddy was doing it, previously. I have some songs where I actually do intend to hit my MIDI Maestro button on the first beat to get the full transition fill. Also, I can no longer use part select to start a song on a part other than part 1. It does no intro, or sometimes starts on a different part. That feature was good for doing a pick-up song where I haven’t had time to arrange the song properly in Beatbuddy Manager.
I wish you had given “Transition Forgiveness” an on/off toggle in the options menu.
I’ll just stick with 4.0 for now. I love Beatbuddy; thanks for listening!

Only issues so far are that occasionally my foot switch button 1 (set to pause / unpause) will occasionally pause / outro!

Also, my button 2 (set to accent when paused) sometimes play the accent and sometimes doesn’t.

Also, I understand that the answer to my next comment lies in the midi pedals… but… it would be nice to support a three button switch now that there are many things that can be done with the foot switch.
For example, I really like putting the transition as a single step on the foot switch. I also love having the outro as a single press on the second switch… but then there is no ability to pause (as far as I see).

I’m really upset, because after I upgraded the beat buddy my onsong stopped controlling the bb through midi, I don’t know why, I didn’t do anything different, I didn’t change any parameters. I downgraded to the previous firmware, where everything worked perfectly for me, but it still doesn’t work, I’ve tried everything here, can anyone help me with this?
i just wish that when i select a song on onsong the same song is selected on bb. 3 days ago everything was working correctly, but after the upgrade it stopped working. and now not even as the previous firmware returned to work .

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I am concerned about the “transition forgiveness” too. A lot of premium songs have full bar transition fills where it’s quite different from the main beat. For example, Last Dance with Mary Jane has a full bar at the end of the chorus with a big kick/crash/snare on 1, then a gap, then a fill on beats 3 and 4. I hit the transition button exactly on beat 1 to make it work. It sounds like transition forgiveness will kill that workflow?

Can these midi changes affect the onsong connection with beatbuddy via bluetooth midi?? because I can’t make it work anymore

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