BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.x “Options, lots of options!”

Maybe it is a coincident and your midi cable is defective, measure with a multimeter if all connections are still intact

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I have the same question. Replaced 113 with 121 (127 on, 0 off) and it doesn’t fulfil it’s promise.

Don’t like transition forgiveness. Messed with my prerecorded Aeros loop so it wasn’t synced. Assume that was the cause as it’s never happened before.

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The transition forgivness makes transitions feel different. I didn’t care for it. When it’s “forgiving” something, it maybe stays in time, but it sounds clumsy just throwing in the next part with no transition fill. I use the MIDI Maestro to transition out of a pause with the transition fill. This update messes that up. Going back to the previous firmware version gave me my feel back.

I bought a new midi cable but it still didn’t work again, could it be yamaha’s bluetooth or could it be settings? the yamaha md01 lights up normally and connects normally.
I wanted to send pictures of my settings but here they don’t accept jpeg

Is it possible that my yamaha md01 cable is broken or is it more likely that upadte has changed something?
I already did the downgrade and it didn’t help

Have you checked the midi channels, so you are sending and receiving on the correct channels?


I’m trying to update the firmware, and when trying to copy the files onto my SD Card it is saying that it is wrte protected even though it isn’t (Made sure). I remember this was an issue in that past but can’t recall the fix for this. Anyone know what I can do. I am using Windows 10, and inserted the SD card directly into the computer to manage it. Thanks, Michael

CC Values Behavior Version Added
CC-121 [0,1-32, 126, 127] Exclusive transition, the Aeros does not respond to this command and the BeatBuddy can use it to transition. By default this is disabled in the MIDI settings menu. 4.1.0
CC-122 [0,1-32, 126, 127] No fill transition,the BeatBuddy can use it to transition without a fill playing. 4.1.0
CC-113 125 Cancel transition, cancel a transition that has not finished 4.1.0
MSB + LSB + PC MSB= CC0 values 0-127 LSB= CC0 values 0-127 PC values 0-127 The BeatBuddy can now send Song Select commands automatically when a song is opened, the command sent cannot be set, it is based on the song and folder location. In Default Mode, the BeatBuddy will send the MSB and LSB (representing folder) and a PC for the song within the folder. 4.1.0
MSB + PC MSB= CC0 values 0-127 PC values 0-127- The BeatBuddy can now send Song Select commands automatically when a song is opened, the command sent cannot be set, it is based on the song and folder location. In Aeros Mode Mode, the BeatBuddy will send the MSB 0-127 to represent the first 128 folders on BeatBuddy, LSB os not used. A PC representing the song within the folder will also be sent. This was done to allow user to control Aeros more versatility, LSB commands do not affect the Aeros. 4.1.0

Please make sure you have it enabled! It is disabled by default
Go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI In > Control Change > Exclusive Transition > Enable

We appreciate the feedback but we will likely never do this, however you are free to request it as a feature in the appropriate section of forum.

This is now working, go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Song/Folder Select and enable the device by either using Default Mode or Aeros Mode.

This is based on the fixed value set by the song and folder location on the BeatBuddy as I posted above^

You can use the Value 0 commands interchangeably but they all have their own value 0 command

Could you possibly DM me a video of this? You could use an unlisted YouTube video to send easily.

Thanks let me know

Unfortunately, a MIDI controller is the only solution here, HW prevents a 3 button switch

@guifreitas please reach out to for further assistance, but it may be the cable is faulty, do you have a cable to switch it with?

Otherwise, you could check that the settings for song select on the BeatBuddy are set as you need. Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI In > Control Change
And also Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI In > Progam Change

Make sure all relevant CCs are enabled


Please ensure that the SD card did not physically lock, let me know thanks

Thank you for all this feedback! We are currently working on this being a toggleable feature, by default it will be off :slight_smile:


On BB or onsong?? Could you pass me the settings??

Of course not. I was able to get it working again by copying everything to my hard drive and then reformatting the SD and putting the info back on. I still am having some issues syncing and wondering if it has to do with the new “System Volume information” folder the format put on my card - Should this folder be in the SD card directory along with all the other folders and files? The other thing is I have all my songs and beats on one card (Dont really use separate projects, as I want access to everything on the card), so using about 2.5gb of a 32gb card. Not near capacilty but quite a few folders and songs and kits. Wondering if the shear number of itemns could be the issue why I am having inconsistent syncing. At the moment its working and done moving stuff around so hoping it was just a fluke, but not sure.

Thank you so much for listening!

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Agreed. Thanks Brennan

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If you put the BB midi receive settings on “all” you should be good to go

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Sorry but what is CC??


To help isolate: can you save anything from windows explorer to that SD card or another SD card? For example can you Save a notepad file to the SD card? That will help you determine if it’s a Windows issue or BB.

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Did that. Aeros still changes.

I have a few “backup” SD cards for my BB.

Do I need to upgrade the firmware on all of them?

Thanks and have a great day!

Usually not because once the firmware is loaded into the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal memory, it remains on that version in the pedal—not the card.

Just to confirm what I’m saying, load the new firmware on a card and update the BB (check the version on the pedal) and then try a card with an older version and check the version on the pedal. It should display the new version. However, if you change settings on the pedal, make sure all of your cards have been synchronized to have the latest pedal settings.

Thanks Persist! Will do! Helpful as always! :slight_smile:

However, I’m not clear what you mean about “if you change settings on the pedal, make sure all of your cards have been synchronized to have the latest pedal settings.”

I’m not sure what, if any, changes I can make with the pedal. All “editing” (not song editing) I do is with BB Manager?