BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.x “Options, lots of options!”

If your pedal settings remain static, in other words, if you don’t change the settings, you should be good to go. However, if let’s say you just bought a remote foot switch (RFS) and set it up with the newest version of the firmware but you did not have the RFS configured in the older SD cards, it would be a good idea to either adjust the settings in the older cards or just synchronize the updated SD card and then synchronize to the older cards so that the RFS settings end up on the older cards. Hope I didn’t confuse you.

Gotcha! I didn’t think about the footswitch changes. I still using mine the way it was originally intended.

I’m of the “Managagement by Exception” philosophy; “it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” :slight_smile:

Thank you, Sir! Have a great day!

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Still happening. The forgiveness seems to do the opposite. My transitions often put out the synchronisation (I have other instruments playing in my drumsets which highlights the “misalignment”). Made us look pretty amateur at a recent gig. Is there any way of turning off this “feature” in the menu so it’s back to how it was?

Unless you need the features of this beta version, you could revert to the previous version of the firmware.

I want to use the exclusive transition feature (though I’ve yet to get that to work). Why ever was the 121 altered? How many people actually asked for that feature(sic). If the new 121 is going to remain in future BB updates then I’ll seriously consider other drum options.

I think it might be best for Brennan to reply as there are several users that have provided their feedback on this issue.

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Did you turn off the CC command coming from the BB into the Aeros? Remember the BB by default is set to send a CC102 command to make the Aeros change parts, if you do not want the Aeros to change parts you have to turn it off, or else every time the BB changes parts it will send this command.

Go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Transition > Disable CC102

Sorry that we didn’t mention this clearly its a good thing to note in documentation to prevent the same confusion!

I would, personally, never use a product in beta for live shows, beta firmwares are for public testing use, as we state in the post, there may be bugs or changes to workflow. We do not recommend playing live with beta firmware.

Still, sorry that you had the issue though it was easily fixable by toggling the transition setting!

Not necessary! The firmware of the BeatBuddy only needs to be updated once, the BB content on the cards has no effect on this

Thanks for the question

You may wanna follow what Persist is saying for the sake of settings since we did change footswitch setting a bit but only once we are no longer in beta, we are going to release another version with small changes

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Blockquote it was easily fixable by toggling the transition setting!

So I can turn off forgiveness?

And yeah. Using a beta update for a gig was pretty stupid, I agree.

I thought the 121 replaced the 113 if you didn’t want Aeros to change. If you disable 102 then what’s the point of 121? I was hoping to programme two buttons, one still changing parts and Aeros and one just BB (and without forgiveness).

No you cannot yet turn off forgiveness, that is not the feature I am referring to, forgiveness will have a toggle setting in the next release, we are working on it.

121 does behave exactly like CC113 on the BeatBuddy, if you do not want the BeatBuddy to tell the Aeros to switch parts, you have to turn off the Transition command it sends (CC102). CC102 is a transition immediately command for the Aeros and it is specific to the BeatBuddy. If you disable this command in the BeatBuddy the Aeros and BeatBuddy will still respond to the MIDI Maestro when you send a CC113 transition command, but the Aeros will not respond to CC121.

The point of CC121 is to have a command that is specific to the BeatBuddy for transitioning, a command that the Aeros does not listen to. Turning off CC102 does not defeat the purpose in any way.

So good to hear that we’ll be able to toggle off forgiveness.

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until it is guaranteed that this update will not affect the onsong/beatbuddy connection I will not update.

We do not understand why this happened we need more information from you to locate the issue, are you absolutely positive your MIDI cable is not faulty? Have you reviewed the BB settings? Have you tried reverting all settings to default?

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I would like a command that lets you go to a part without having to stop the transition. If I go to part 3 from part 1, I have to send a second command to stop the transition. I do this now by triggering on up of the foot pedal (many foot pedals don’t have this option), but many times I hit too quickly, and it’s stuck in transition. I never have a case where I want the transition to loop. I don’t even understand this default behavior.

For scroll up/down via MIDI command in the playlist don’t active.

You might want to contact for help

Hey there, this does not appear to be true, I just tried it, the up/down song commands are working in the playlist as well as using the external footswitch commands to go up/down by a song.

Please check that you are sending the correct command to a channel the BeatBuddy is listening to, if you have more trouble please write to for assistance

Is there a date that Singular Sound has zeroed in on for the release of firmware 4.1.x? On the original post it seemed it was just a couple weeks, fixing a couple things then released.

Just checking!

We have to wait. SS do not do dates. When they are happy we will be advised. So until then.

There’s no update to BBM??