Skipping song parts when paused/stopped without midi

I was wondering if there is some workaround way to start a song at a different part, not during playback, which I know is not possible. I play at church, and after doing a song the pastor will sometimes speak and request that we pickup the last song from a certain part, like a bridge or chorus. The only way I have figured out how to do this is manually turn down the volume, footpress transition my way through all the parts until I get to the part I need. I know midi can do this but its so few and far between that I really cant justify getting and setting up midi for this. Was curious if there is any other way I am missing. Thanks, Michael

Hey there,

As of version 4.1.3 you should be able to use an external footswitch (like the Footswitch+) to change parts to a new song part from a paused state

Go to the settings, Footswitch > Footswitch 1/2 > While Paused and select the next part option.

Please let us know if this is a workable solution for you

Otherwise, MIDI can be used to start specific parts on the BeatBuddy on the fly, yes