Update Beat Buddy Firmware

My BB is running Firmware version 1.8.5. I discovered that a firmware update 2.2 was available so i attempted the update by following the directions and found that the Beat Buddy will not update to the new firmware. Is this a common issue?

Not very common.
[]Make sure your SD card is not locked
]Unzip the firmware
[]Copy or drag the 5 f/w files to the top level of your card
]Power off on pedal; insert card
[*]Power on to pedal; do not interrupt the update process

Thanks for the reply. I followed the process as you described and the BB did not update. Here is a screen shot of my SD card.


Hmmm. Should have worked.

You should delete the BeatBuddy-Firmware-2 folder from your SD card—it doesn’t belong on your SD card.

Make sure you’re using your Mac’s SD slot reader and not the USB cable method to update your SD card.

Did you get an alert message about overwriting or replacing the existing firmware files?

You haven’t tried to reformat your SD card, have you? If you did, let me know.

In the screenshot you put, we see the firmware folder sitting in your SD card’s drive. You need to take all the files from within that folder (app, app.bin, boot.bin, MLO, MLO.bin) and place them on the main window of your SD card, which is shown in the screenshot. After which you will get a message if you want to replace the 2 files MLO and app, which were left there from the previous firmware update - click yes.

To see if you have the latest firmware version, go into your settings menu (press down on ‘tempo’ and ‘drumset’ at the same time), then go into About BeatBuddy by pressing the ‘tap’ button. It will show you the version number on the second line.

I was able to get the BB to update properly. Thank you!

I’m trying to update the BB firmware from to 4.1.6. Can you tell me where in the manual the instructions for updating firmware are? and which manual? This is crazy.

I don’t think it’s available in any of the BeatBuddy (BB) guides or manuals. But here’s the steps.

  • Insert your SD card in your computer’s SD slot reader (do not use the USB method to connect your pedal to your computer).
  • Download and unzip the firmware to your desktop. You should have a folder with several files within.
  • Select and copy all of the files within the new firmware folder that’s on your desktop.
  • Paste the files in the SD card.
  • Accept the prompt to overwrite files.
  • Eject the SD card from your computer.
  • Disconnect the power from your BB pedal.
  • Insert the SD card in your pedal.
  • Plug the power cable back into the pedal.
  • Pedal should display UPDATING FIRMWARE (it usually takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes).

You should also refer to Support’s guidance which is two posts above this one.

Not in the manuals??? Then how is one to know how to upgrade?
I did read the support guidance above which is one of the reasons for my question, but I thank you for your reply. It is, to me, much more understandable.
My frustration with the BB grows every time I try to move forward with it. I have 3 manuals on my desktop, one 16 pages, the next 32, and the last 77 pages that don’t do much for me. I spent over an hour looking for how to upgrade only to find out it’s not to be found.

This forum complements the manuals with a friendly and useful gateway to knowledge and user experience that is not always found in the documentation. Many if not all user questions have been asked and answered in this community.

The answers are sometimes not easy to find but in most cases they can be found (sounds like dumpster diving to me).

Here’s a link to a Singular Sound video on updating the BeatBuddy (BB) firmware BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.x “Options, lots of options!”

We apologize you’re very right to expect the update info to be on the manual, it was an oversight to not have it, and we have remedied it on the new manual version!

Check out the new manual here

Thanks for the feedback!