Transition backwards?

I know I’ve been doing this for way too long to be asking this question, but I have lost this in BB the fog of the years of ownership: Can I set one of the outboard buttons to transition backwards? I expect I’ll have to upgrade to momentary switches (I still have the original switch I bought with the Kickstarter), but is it an option?

It looks like I can set a press to go backwards, but I use presses. What I need is a press and hold to transition backwards. I don’t see that in the docs.


I do it using my midi maestro. On the MM you can program the buttons to basically do whatever you want with midi commands.

You have next and previous part into the footswitch options I guess

This interests me: How? I didn’t see it in the docs – maybe you could point me at the right section?

Press Drumset and Tempo to go into BB settings
Navigate to “Footswitch”
Choose the one you want 1 or 2
Into “When playing” navigate to next or previous part " select and come back to the main screen that’s it

You can do 1 for previous and 2 for next if you want

Last firmware needed

@NYHC , thanks Steve!

What I was hoping for was a “long-press” option, because I use the tap-press for other things. And since we have momentary switches, now, the BB can (should?) be able to recognize a press-and-hold on the mechanical switches, which, in turn, should make what I’m asking for completely doable.

If it’s not available yet, I’ll head over to the section of the forum where we ask for stuff.

Thanks again!


Hey there,

Yes, this can be done using an external footswitch and setting it to Previous Part in the Footswitch Settings

We are likely not ever going to expand the footswitch to read hold commands, but you are free to request in the appropriate category

If real estate is an issue with only 2 buttons, I do recommend a device like our MIDI Maestro.

As I suspect you know, @BrennanSingularSound , I do have an MM. What I don’t have is room on my pedal board. The ability to respond to a press-and-hold would be the right answer for me in this case, because it entails no additional hardware. And the ability to do leverage press-and-hold should already be there, if untapped.

For example, P&H while playing could give you transitions in either direction; while stopped could give you folder navigation.

But none of that matters to me. What matters to me is a solution for my occasionally lazy right foot.



it’s all in your footswitch menu. I use “go back” when not playing to go back through my set list. you would want “go back” while playing.

As do I. But I’m talking about when the BB is playing and I accidentally advance to the next section and want to jump back. With momentary switches, it should be possible to detect and respond to press-and-hold events on the outboard switch, even though @BrennanSingularSound says they likely won’t (but they REALLY should :slight_smile: ). A press-and-hold while playing would enable me to program a Transition Backwards event. The BB does it with MIDI, and I could buy a single-button MIDI switch a program it, but there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do it with the BB gear I bought direct from Singular.

Just to be clear, you’re saying you want the ability to go to a previous part when using the footswitch, while the footswitch is set to do something else? I may be misunderstanding!

As of version 4.1.x the BeatBuddy has 3 states for footswitch behaviors: While playing, while stopped and while paused, and all three have the option to switch parts both next and previous parts.

You’re asking for the ability to set a tap and hold behavior for each instance?

Let me know thanks :slight_smile:

I think that’s what I’m asking for, yes.

Maybe I missed it, so I’ll clarify…

I’m talking about the outboard switches, not the main pedal. The manual suggests that holding a switch can signal the BB to move up or down the folders when the pedal is stopped. What I want is a press-and-hold when the BB is playing to transition to the previous part. Because I use the tap to Pause/Restart and for accent hits.

My thought is, if the BB recognizes a press-and-hold when it’s stopped, there is no reason why it should not also be able to recognize it when it’s playing.

Am I being clear? Happy to try again if it helps.